Google+ Tips And Tactics

Google 的貼牌冰箱(Google refrigerator)

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The guides and how-to posts are starting to flow for Google+, now in its second week and somewhere over 10 million users.

Below are the links I’ve found most interesting for building your Google+ following and for using Google+ effectively.  I’m flat out hooked on G+.

How to use Google+

This is a pretty thorough guide and it sure won’t be the last one you’ll see as people figure out all the cool things you can do with it.

How to build your following on Google+

Scott Bradley has some pretty great advice on building your following on Google+.

Google+ Cheatsheet: Google+ Tips & Tricks | Bostinnovation: Boston

one common theme – it is not as easy as you think. Here is a great Google+ cheatsheet that dives into some great Google+ tips and tricks. Following some of these simple tips you can enhacne your Google+ experience.

Jason Sadler: Google+ Tips For Business Owners

Businesses should utilize their employees who are social media savvy and passionate about the company. They are the ones that will be relatable and able to build meaningful relationships on Google+.

Google+ Tips and Tricks from IGN | The Mad Ranters

Google+ Tips and Tricks from IGN. Anyone out there have the new Google+ social network? Wanna learn some cool tips and tricks? Check out IGN’s list: Eight Tips and Tricks for Google+. Leave a Reply

Google+ Tips And Tricks

Receive Google+ notifications on your phone, even if you don’t use Android. Create a Mute notifications on one of your posts Formatting tips: bold, italic, underline, and more Tag your Google+ pals in posts Mute posts

Google+ Tips for Beginners – Tech Walls

Since the Google Plus sent more invites to users, more people are trying to master the social network. Here are some useful tips and hotkeys you need to know.

Google+ Video Tips and Feedback

Google+ Tips

This is a second video on how to use the Google+ interface. In this video I explain how to make words bold, italicized, and strike through. I also show you how to filter through your Streams and add a interest to your Sparks. I go over Account Settin…

I’m Addicted to Google+

Google+ has been at the center of my social addiction for the past week and I can’t seem to get enough of it. After several failed attempts at entering the social ream, I believe that Google has finally hit the nail on the head wi…

How to transfer your Facebook friends to Google+ all at once

Add me to G+! Need a G+ account? Facebook is a tricky devil. They blocked all the apps and extensions exporting user data, but they forgot / can’t do anything about their Yahoo! partnership! So get your data out while you sti…

The Google+ project: Explore Sparks

Learn how Sparks can help you strike up a conversation by showing you articles, blog posts and videos about the stuff you’re interested in. Find out more at


search google+Cool Search For Google+

Search all the public posts on Google+ with this, while Google figures out how to make it easier to search G+ with their own engine, lol.

(And be careful what you post on Google+ publicly – it IS searchable!)


Oh and one last thing, something cool I found today called Fully Follow. Self explanatory and really cool!

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