How to knock a freakin’ blog post out of the park!

I’m still chortling (google it) about this one.  And so are thousands of others.  If you want to know what makes a personal blog worth visiting, at least for me, check below.  It might say more about me that I loved this, laughed my ass off in fact.

To properly knock a blog post into meme status, your’e going to have to be funny.  Interesting and informative are close seconds to funny.  Always have been.  Always will be.

Kay, so, the blog is by The Bloggess.  She is mighty awesome.  Not everyone can pull this kind of content off.  But if you have it in you to truly let loose like this and can put your craziness into words, you have a bright future as a blogger.

The post in question is called “And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.” The thing went mega-viral.  It has over 2500 comments as of this morning.  I don’t have 2500 comments on my whole damned blog!

After you read the above, every word of it, then check this out:

She made a freakin T-shirt based on the post!  (Call me when you have such a great blog post that you are inclined to make a Tshirt – not for your whole blog, just one freakin’ post!)

the bloggess

Actually she made two:

the bloggess

To understand how YOU are going to make it in blogging, whether it is personal blogging, business blogging, or otherwise, you first have to sit down and truly understand what makes very great blogs very great.

I mean really sit down and think about it.  A lot!  Surf the people you like to read who are exactly as popular and successful on the web as you want to be and get into the content and the conversation enough to understand the dynamic between a great blogger and their followers.

It is the some of the greatest blogger training you can get!

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