Who Do You Call When It’s Time For Your Next Big Hit?

"Business owners across the globe have profited from my 23 years digital marketing, SEO, copywriting, and conversion experience to grow their profits and reduce the amount of time they spend working directly in their business." ~Jack Humphrey

I help successful business owners reach the next level.

  • Is it time you reached a bigger audience this year?
  • Do you want a better converting website or funnel?
  • Do you need to hit your next big goal while giving yourself some breathing room (this time) so you can also have a life?

Anxious about how to take your business successfully through its next growth phase?

How to leverage your current momentum...

If you were an up and coming band and you'd just come off a successful tour, right now you'd be gearing up for your next album (the next big expansion of your business). Then you'd be looking for the best producer you could possibly work with.

SEO, copywriting & consulting

Before going back into the studio, all successful musicians start with the producer. When it's time to get down to business on the next album, the first question they have is "Who's going to help me, guide me, to assure the next big sound for my music?"

That is if they're serious about their business...

Very few established bands go into the studio alone, without the experience it takes to tease out the finest creation of their lives. You had an idea and you executed on it. And it's gotten you this far! 

Now, to take your "art" to the next level, it would be very smart to complete your team by putting the experience you lack behind the next phase of your evolution!

Behind every big success story there is almost always a talented guide. Someone who "gets" them and who can tap vast experience to help business "artists" produce their very best music.

One of the greatest producers on Earth sees the connection, too...

 ~Rick Rubin

"I don't even know what a traditional producer is or does. I feel like the job is like being a coach, building good work habits and building trust. You want to get to a point where you can say anything and talk about anything. There needs to be a real connection."

 *World-renowned producer who thinks of himself as a coach. (Ironic, huh?) 

As a life-long musician I've always looked at business consulting like a producer...

I can't help it. Music is a massive part of my life. I write copy to it. I meditate to it. I play drums while thinking about changing the world with every business that I help become more successful. And this perspective has helped me to bring the very best work out of my clients.

"To me, business is like music. Copy is the score. A great sales funnel, to me, is lyrical. It sings when it's just right."

Music producers, the really good ones, can see connections that musicians are too close to see. They can clearly envision the Big Picture when the artist is buried in a chord progression.


I'm not limited by clients' hangups. Not because I'm better than anyone. But simply because I'm not YOU. I'm removed from your personal distractions, feelings of doubt, and any lack of confidence that might be holding you back unnecessarily. So I have perspective that, combined with 2 decades  of experience with just about every industry and business personality type, packs a punch you can't find working with the average "marketing consultant."

Would you rather have a marketing consultant or a collaborator in your success?

If you've had a hit or two in your business and you're thinking about who is going to help you produce your next big step forward, consider someone who will treat the process like a collaboration much like what you'd see between an artist and producer.

It's a partnership where both of us want the same exact thing, in the right way. I'm lucky to get to set the stage for the kind of work I want to do, and so are my clients. Because I shine in this environment. I'm the best marketing strategist and copywriter I can possibly be when my work with clients is based on this foundation.

If you'd like to explore what it would be like for your business to go Platinum, consider applying for a discovery session with me below. If I feel like we'd be a good match, we can take a deep dive into what moves you in life and what your next goals are for your business. If we hit it off, and if I have a spot open, we'll make some powerful music together.

Greatest Hits...

Consultant| Podcaster | Author | 23-Year Digital Marketing Vet

  • 1998 began exploring internet marketing as one of the original Warrior Forum members, then moderator for a couple of years.
  • 2001 cracked Google’s algorithm and exposed its penchant for links as a core ranking factor, leading to…
  • 2002 wrote the most widely-downloaded and respected book on link building called “Power Linking.”
  • 2004 started ContentDesk.com – sold out 400 charter memberships in 24 hours at $133/month
  • 2005 started the first marketer-published blog called The Friday Traffic Report – weekly podcast and major blog that proved blogging was ideal for business’ getting ranked in search
  • 2006 created BlogSuccess.com – the web’s first education center for bloggers and marketers to use content marketing effectively
  • 2008 authored Authority Black Book which was downloaded by over 50,000 marketers
  • 2008 did $750,000 in sales in 48 hours with one promotion
  • 2010 created CurationSoft – wildly popular content curation software
  • 2012 released “Bending The Web” teaching marketers how leverage can be used to “bend the web to their will.”
  • 2002-Present – well over 2.5 billion targeted visitors to my own and my clients/students’ sites
  • 2005-Present – Consultant, mentor and coach to thousands of students around the world
  • Today - Creating abundant wealth and prosperity with my clients and keeping it highly leveraged & crazy simple!

How I Can Help You...

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A long history of hits...

Who I Work With...

Your business must be in profit, actively selling right now. We need something to work with.

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You don't have to take a course or sit through any training, but you must be an action-taker.

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