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Social Media As A Hazardous Work Environment For Entrepreneurs

As 21st Century business owners, we are obligated to come into contact with social media on a regular basis.  Our own personal addictions (Candy Crush or otherwise) and personal interests aside, our business requires us to mix it up on social just to remain relevant and reach potential customers where they play.

As you already know, there’s a giant downside…  

You build a big following only to pick up people with the craziest ideas on politics, religion, conspiracies and more who are all too willing to fill your feed with momentum-sucking, focus-obliterating content and opinions.  Some of them can even be your family members.

Make no mistake about it, we entrepreneurs work in a hazardous environment for mental health and well being.  We welcome more people into our digital lives than the average social media user does in order to expand our reach.  So we tend to get the brunt of the “crazy,” — well over normal daily recommended allowance than social media users.

No one ever wins an argument against people with nothing but time, Red Bull, and a chemical imbalance on their side.

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about that can help you remain focused on growing your business…

(Without getting distracted by clickbait, political discussions, or anything else that distracts and distresses you while working with social.)

  1. Unfollow people who chronically complain and pass around end-of-the-world or otherwise disturbing crap.  They can still potentially see your stuff, but theirs will be blissfully absent from your feed.
  2. Do not engage!  Start today with a policy of only interacting with those whom you’ve determined to be “sane” and stable.  Never, ever engage in arguments or heated debates on social media – ABOUT ANYTHING, EVER!  No one ever wins an argument against people with nothing but time, Red Bull, and chemical imbalances on their side.
  3. Remove unwanted topics from your news feed as much as you can.  Check out Social Fixer to remove posts before they ever show up by author or keyword.  Want to rid yourself of political junk?  Filter all the candidates names, for example, and any post mentioning them will be zapped before it hits your timeline.
  4. Set a schedule and stick to it.  Having a plan for your professional interaction on social is CRUCIAL.  Set a timer.  Have a specific purpose in mind before opening your favorite social site so that you come prepared (with blinders) instead of being vulnerable to focus-sucking and time-wasting rabbit holes.
  5. Simply remove, block, or ignore the weirdos and the unstable.   They won’t make good customers anyway.

I’m just like you when it comes to this stuff.  I have to constantly remind myself why I spend the time I do on social media.  Make no mistake, it is a minefield of misinformation, strong opinions, and people whose minds you will never, ever change about things you think are absurd.

So what tools and tactics do YOU use to keep your social clean?


Friends Plus Me Interview With Creator Alois Belaška

Some might not know know I’ve dived back into the podcasting world with “Traffic Masters” on Blog Talk Radio with my partner Gina Gaudio-Graves.  We’ve done several interviews so far, but this is the first I’m posting to

We’ve been using this cool tool called and we wanted to get its creator, +Alois Belaska, on a show to find out more about what’s behind this time-saving social media automation tool.

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with DirectionsU on BlogTalkRadio


Broadcast to all your social networks from Google Plus with Friends Plus Me.

Listen to more Traffic Masters radio.

Get my latest guide to driving traffic and leads: The Amazing Traffic Vortex

Google Plus for Small Business Entrepreneurs

I recently completed a short series on Google Plus for small business on Voice America with hosts (and friends) Ira Rosen and Cory Michael Sanchez.  Over the course of 2 one-hour shows, we discussed the massive and various benefits of working with G+ as a small business owner and entrepreneur.  I make it a point to blow past all the generic media attention and common attitude toward the social network.  In this series, I get down to the business of why G+ is so vitally crucial to anyone looking to increase their reach, rankings, and authority on the web.

Week 1 Google Plus Interview on Voice America with Ira Rosen and Cory Michael Sanchez

Week 2: Google Plus for Small Business Entrepreneurs, Continued…

How are YOU using Google+ to expand your reach, rankings, and authority in your market?  Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Twitter IPO News: “Nuttiness” Says Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer calls Twitter IPO hype “nuttiness” and the stock climbs sharply this morning to over $45.

Why care about Twitter going public?  If you use it to drive traffic, this IPO could affect you (or not).

The latest interesting updates as of 11:30 am today:

Twitter IPO Live – Business Insider It’s Twitter’s big day! The social network goes public today on the New York Stock Exchange. It just started trading at $45.10 per share. We’re on the floor of the NYSE now. We’ll have live updates for you in the feed below.

Watch Twitter’s IPO Event Streaming Live At The New York Stock  Twitter’s IPO event from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange today will be streamed live, in a first for the NYSE. It’s fairly appropriate that Twitter..

Twitter Prices IPO Above Estimates At $26 Per Share, Raising $1.82 …   Twitter will start trading at $26 when it goes on sale, according to an announcement made today by the company on Twitter. That’s on the low side of expected..

First Take: Twitter pricing could create IPO wave – USA TODAY

Fast CompanyFirst Take: Twitter pricing could create IPO waveUSA TODAYSAN FRANCISCO Its founders may not agree on what Twitter is, but investors do: It’s a potential IPO gold mine. The micro-blogging service, based here, today priced shares at $26 …

Twitter opens at $45.10, 73% above IPO One of Twitter‘s biggest challenges as a newly public company will be to generate more revenue outside the US More than three-quarters of Twitter‘s 232 million users are outside the United States. EPA/NYSE Twitter‘s stock opened at $45.10 a share on its first day of trading, 73 percent above its initial offering price. – Tech stocks – Twitter shares surge on first day 5 things to know about Twitter‘s IPO. Specialist Glenn Carell, who will handle the Twitter IPO, works at his post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Twitter‘s stock is expected to trade heavily on Thursday and over the next few days, but del Ama says the activity and the price should start to settle down.

Twitter IPO – Stock soars to $45.10 at opening – Toronto Star Twitter‘s IPO price value is 12.4 times the estimated 2014 sales of $1.14 billion — higher than the 11.6 times that Facebook was trading at on Wednesday and similar to LinkedIn Corporations of 12.2 times sales, Bloomberg reports.

From Twitter-Sphere

MarketWatch Thu Nov 07

Twitter is about to become the second largest Internet #IPO $TWTR

Patrick Stewart (Jean Luke Picard chimes in!) Thu Nov 07

Honored to join @ev @jack @biz @dickc & the @Twitter team at their historic IPO this morning. #Ring!

Reuters Live Thu Nov 07

Live coverage of @Twitter IPO: at 9:30am ET, watch live @ReutersInsider video of opening bell

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