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Social Media Examiner has really grown a lot in the last year.  Boasting over 225,000 email subscribers and a Technorati rating as one of the “world’s top 5 business blogs,” Social Media Examiner draws articles from some of the best and brightest minds in social media strategies.

That is, unless you think a site on social media strategy can’t be considered comprehensive if it largely ignores the most important social network of all: Google Plus. Relative to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, there have been precious few posts this year on SME on Google Plus.

Do a search on SME for Google Plus and see for yourself, by the dates, how low on the social totem G+ rates at SME. Again, experts know for a fact the G+ controls search rankings.  Same search on just “google” brings up the same disparity.

All other social networks merely influence search, while G+ is a search ranking engine.

Given that G+ is the only social network tied to the search engine, which directly affects search rankings via Google Authorship and social engagement, it seems SME could use a serious infusion of Google experts that they have not yet featured on their site.

  • G+ influences search far more directly than any other social network
  • It has the numbers with over 1 billion users, second only to Facebook.
  • It has the tools – powerful tools like Hangouts to actively engage readers far more successfully than most of the tactics on other networks.
  • Google Authorship and Author Rank are so incredibly important to how the web finds (if the web finds) content today, that an entire special category could be dedicated to them alone and be swamped with traffic.

Using G+ effectively is the difference between hanging out in the kiddie pool and being allowed to partake in adult swim, from a publisher’s perspective.

SME’s own daily output would increase by a gargantuan amount, since G+ has tons of topics to learn about (and the experts to write about them) for publishers seeking better engagement, search rankings, and more readers and customers.

Given the singular importance of Google+ to publishers for everything from direct traffic to search engine rankings, one would think G+ would be the star network on SME above all others. At least on the same level as less effective networks, in my opinion.

Until more G+ authors and experts are brought in to deliver the mountain of available how-to and strategy info on the use of G+, the site just can’t be taken too seriously as a “complete” social media strategy resource.

Here are the latest 6 contributions that caught my attention, more for what they are NOT about than what they are about:

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Where’s the Plus?

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