– Go Get Bent!

Finally I have a place to send all the weirdos, socially dead, mean, stupid and otherwise disagreeable people who email me ridiculous things about my services, products, speaking skills, or what have you.

You, dear dead-heads, have a place to go and rant.  And it’s not my contact form!  Got an opinion on something?  Go to and let ‘er rip!  My friend Jordan started the site and it is meant to cram religion, politics, and every other taboo subject right into the faces of all it’s visitors.  He’s inviting havoc.  Embracing chaos.  He’s nuts, in my opinion.  But this site is going to get a LOT of traffic no matter what.

At least now if people want a fight, you can go fight about something important like war or abortion and leave me alone about why my product didn’t cure your aunt of cancer or make you immediately attractive to the opposite sex!

Now I have two places to send people who ask me dumbass questions or feel that I should care about their crazy opinions:

  1. Google

If you are one of the majority of my readers who don’t bother me with insane requests, questions, or comments, THANK YOU!  If you aren’t, you are probably too far gone to know I am talking about you and are going “Yeah, leave Jack alone you nut cases!”

Reading some of the opinions over at I see some of my favorite people must be over there now.  If you want to see how absolutely crazy some people can be, go read their defenses of the ludicrous issues they’ve brought up for debate.

I will visit RiledUp often just to center my compass and feel better about myself knowing at least I am not as crazy as some people.  Plus, sometimes it feels good to set people straight and embarrass them in front of everybody.

Rant On!

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