Who Loved The Authority Summit?

Here are some posts popping up from my friends who attended the Summit this year in Vegas. Everyone seems to be talking up Howie Schwartz, my buddy and co-author of Bend the Web. As well they should be. He blew people away with his search engine-bending, conversation dominating results for competitive niches.

All the speakers were top notch and VERY giving in secrets and tactics. If you didn’t go, the DVDs will be coming out early November.

Here’s what others are saying about the Summit:

  • Did You Smell That? ‘How good was Howie Schwartz? Just his one hour of content completely made the 5 hour flight worthwhile.’
  • Home with Heather. ‘Learn How To Lead ANY Conversation In ANY Niche!’
  • Jason Moffatt. ‘I’d Be A Much Richer Man If I Would Of Listened To David Bullock’s Website Tracking Info’
  • Neill Neill. ‘Finding Happiness at the Authority Summit’
  • Sales and Marketing. ‘One of the biggest reminders I got from the Summit was about the concept of leverage.’

Perhaps my greatest take away was the idea that a hobbyist does it all themselves and that a business person gets things done…outsourcing. I have been stuck in the mundane and not looking at the vision of how to evolve to the next level.  Oh and Howie “Other people show up to a duel with a pistol…I bring guns, tanks planes…I’m not there to win but to dominate”. Gotta love it.

Bill Urell, Addiction Recovery Basics

One of the things I talked about at the Summit was “Pavlov’s Blog.” You should recognize a bit of that tactic here. Training other sites to link to you is the same thing Pavlov did with his classical conditioning research.

For some “inexplicable reason” many people feel compelled to write about me, FTR, or my products and services. It’s actually “explicable” but you have to read Bend the Web to understand how it works.

Did you write about your experience at the Authority Summit and I didn’t find it? Let me know and get a link as I update this post with new feedback.

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