How To Make Your Online Communications Stand Out

Guest post by Andy Havard

When’s the last time an email really caught your eye? I bet it doesn’t happen on a regular basis.  The unfortunate email combination of junk + spammers + mundane responses has resulted in a lot of switched off, bored online users checking bland Inboxes. There’s virtually no Subject heading that could truly grab our attention anymore. It’s almost as if with every new technological communication advancement, the more switched off we get.

We used to enjoy all the buzz of social media activity and now that the excitement’s fizzled out sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have just became another website to check for more uninteresting exchanges with the World Wide Web.

I can’t help but wonder that the ease technology gives us to communicate has actually made us less interested in the everyday online communications we interact in. So, how do you make your online communications stand out? This article aims to tackle that very query.

Go Back To The Drawing Board

Once upon a time when emails were first used they were a communication tool that astounded the world. Soon letters became almost obsolete and email was the only way to do business. Yet, I bet if I sent you a hand written letter today you’d be talking about it all day and maybe even all week. The reason is that we become so saturated with technology that the everyday email doesn’t interest us.  However, people used to feel that way about letters, telegrams, hand delivered parcels and even those crazy singing telegrams. In today’s technological fuelled industry those old communication techniques aren’t inferior to our email addresses they’re actually more powerful now than ever before.

The old ways of communication have became such a rarity that using such tried and tested ‘out- dated’ communication techniques could be the most powerful and engaging communication tools out there. Back in the day people put real effort into their written exchanges, business men and women wouldn’t take any half-measures when it came to making a connection with clients and peers, and you shouldn’t either.

If you want to ‘wow’ a client and get organisations talking about you, go back to the drawing board, re-visit the old ways of communication. They weren’t left by the wayside because they didn’t work, in fact if that was the case we wouldn’t be where we are today. They were merely taken for granted by a modernising world that perhaps now needs such classic, traditional uses of communication innovation than ever before.

Reinvent The Drawing Board

Some of you out there will not be the types to stop modernizing. Technology is in your blood and that’s what you’re all about. So, here are a few tips for you guys to have a think about.

Social media platforms like Google+ and Facebook have got wise to the need to make audio exchanges more dynamic by introducing the video chat and Hangout functions to their websites.  Now conference video calling and ‘Face Time’ aren’t new principles, but how many of you out there actually use them in your day to day business? I bet very few of you choose to make all of your exchanges webcam based (where possible).

For some businesses being invisible is part of making the organisation look bigger and creating a persona that perhaps the real life image wouldn’t quite convey. However, online users love brands, businesses and blogs to be human, they don’t want a facade or persona, they want to talk to a real person. Using video not only gives them that, but makes what would be your standard audio conversion much more memorable.

Not many businesses use video calling and I bet their clients would certainly be surprised if they did. It can help to give your organisation a real stand-out quality and certainly increase your level of customer service or boost customer relations.

So many online users like new innovative users of technology, but don’t use it where it counts. Embrace these creative innovations, reinvent the traditional day to day communications drawing board, and help your exchanges be the most memorable conversations anyone partakes in.


If you want to really make your online communications stand out there is only two ways to go; go retro or go innovative. These two styles are the only two true ways to make your communications stand out from the stale state of modern communication that we’ve all landed in. You’d be surprised how embracing these styles could make you and your brand, business or blog extremely memorable to the public and exceptionally engaging.

What do you think? Be sure to share your thoughts and knowledge in the comments section.

About The Author

Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based Internet video production company.

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