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Tonight’s Free Training: Paypal Working Capital Loans and Paid Advertising Leverage



If you had $10,000 or more to invest in advertising for your business, how much would you make from it? $100,000? $200,000? or MORE?

What if you could get $10,000 (or MORE!) to fund your Advertising Budget in just 3 to 5 seconds? How quickly would you RUN to get it?

Well, tonight’s training will show you step-by-step how to get PayPal to fund your Advertising and then, how to maximize every penny you spend to get the best return on investment possible using PPC, retargeting, and media buys!

Joining the training are guests Greg Harris, a PayPal Sales Rep, Tauna Greene, a PayPal Rep with a focus on Working Capital Loans, and David Wright, an expert in Pay-Per-Click, Retargeting, and Media Buys.

You’ll learn:

  • How to qualify for a PayPal Working Capital Loan (it’s SUPER easy!)
  • How to use PayPal’s money to fund your ENTIRE Advertising Budget!
  • How to get the biggest return on investment (ROI) on your PPC ads
  • How to get the biggest ROI on your Retargeting ads
  • and MUCH more!

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your business to the next level, then join us on:

WHEN: Monday, August 24th at 7pm eastern (6pm central, 5pm mountain, 4pm pacific)

WHAT: “Let PayPal Fund Your Marketing Campaigns!”


register-now-buttonNOTE: If your business is in the US, the UK, or Australia, and you’re already making $20,000 or more using PayPal, you need to be on this webinar!

The Story Leverage Sessions with David Bullock

My buddy David Bullock just finished a Tedx talk on the “4 Stories to 10x Your Life.”  It is the basis of our recent sessions called “Story Leverage.”

At first you might not see the connection to you and your business.  But watch the video, then check out the 4 sessions on Story Leverage David and I produced in a short podcast. (below the video)

Next up: Check out the Story Leverage Sessions podcast!

What One Thing has made more millionaires online than anything else?

If you look at just about any “guru” in the internet marketing space and ask:  “What one thing made their business successful?”, do you know what the answer would almost unanimously be?


Seriously, think about some of the top names in the IM space.  People like…

… Mike Filsaime (first big Joint Venture was Butterfly Marketing)
… Jeff Walker (first big Joint Venture was Product Launch Formula)
… Ryan Diess (Traffic & Conversion)
… and the list could go on and on!

Every single one will tell you that by far, the secret to their success has been Joint Ventures!

Yet, ask anyone who has tried to start a business and has not yet made their first six figures if they’ve done any Joint Ventures yet and they will most assuredly answer:


Well why the heck not?

If you KNOW that the number thing that has created more self-made millionaires than any other, then why is it that anything less than 100% of all new entrepreneurs are using JV’s successfully?

There are several reasons that new entrepreneurs aren’t using JV’s.  Perhaps these are true for you as well.

Excuses like:

“My list is too small to land a good JV Partner.”

“No one would want to JV with me.”

“I don’t know how to setup a JV.”

“I’m not big enough to use JV’s yet.”

Or fill in the blank with YOUR excuse!

free joint venture trainingThis past Saturday, Gina Gaudio-Graves, Antonio Thornton and I did a Hangout an Air to get rid of these and other complete fallacies and to help YOU see just how easy it is to use JV’s to grow your business!

We recorded every second of it, too.  You can watch the entire replay right now (no opt in required!)

We’ve even setup a private Facebook Group where you can get answers to any questions that come up for you as you watch the replay!

Whether you are interested in using JV’s to grow your current business or you’re interested in how you can become a JV Broker and make it your ONLY business, make sure you watch this training.

If you are an expert and you’ve always dreamed of selling your own products but you just haven’t made any money at it (YET!), then you might think about becoming a JV Broker for a short time FIRST!

Gina paid off millions in medical costs by being a JV Broker! There’s no one better to learn about joint ventures from that Gina.  Learn how being a JV Broker can help you sell your OWN products as well!

Have you joined the new “Motivation to Profit” Group on Facebook yet?  It’s THE place you can get ALL your marketing and strategy questions answered and get the advice you need to take your business to the next level!

New Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Group Forming…

We’re starting a great group on Facebook and are inviting YOU to participate!

It is called Motivation to Profit Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Group.

We’ll be discussing anything and everything related to building businesses that support the lives of our dreams and also impact the world.

So that means you will have a place to ask questions, get advice and feedback on things you’re working on, and also share when you can help others.

To kick things off, I’ll be giving away some Twitter Power 3.0 books (by our buddy Joel Comm) to a few lucky members.

twitter power giveaway

Join here:

And, if you know people who love working on the web who live the laptop lifestyle (or want to) please invite them!

The bigger the group, the more quality the members, the more we all get out of it!

Also, please let us know in the group if  you have suggestions about what you would  like to get out of it or how we can make it better!

Thanks and see you in the Group soon!

Join here:

Jack Humphrey
Associate Dean, Directions University
Author “Bending the Web”
and “The Amazing Traffic Vortex”

P.S. – we are getting some awesome downloads ready for you in the file library of the group.

Stuff we haven’t shared publicly that will help you build your business better and faster!

p.p.s. – You have to ask to join the group and then be approved.  We’ve set it this way to keep the group experience high-quality and worthwhile for all members.  So it might take a minute to get you into the group depending on when you ask to join – but we’ll get you in ASAP!

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