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Would You Put Your Dog In Charge Of Your Business?


mojo-park-2015-crop2I love my dog Mojo.  He is the best companion ever and he converts dog food into equal parts love and joy in their purest form.  But Mojo, like most dogs, loves squirrels.  He simply cannot handle it when a squirrel bounds across our paths during our walks.

When a squirrel is spotted, Mojo’s routine is ears up, big eyes, forward posture, and ready to bolt after the squirrel, every time.  He never, ever ignores the presence of a squirrel and there ins’t much you can do to pull his focus from it until one of them is out of sight of the other.

Mojo isn’t someone I would want to be in charge of my business for this reason.  His ability to become distracted is just too powerful and no forward motion in the business would occur.

Can you identify with Mojo in any way?  I can.  I’ve experienced Squirrel Obsessive Syndrome (SOS) several times during my journey building my business.  It slowed me down and cost me, big time.

Are You Chasing Squirrels Or Building Your Business?


Squirrel!I’ve worked with thousands and thousands of clients and students in the last 17 years.  A good majority of them were chasing squirrels when they came into my world.  Sadly, a great number of them are still in the chase.

What shiny object chasers don’t understand is that if you don’t settle on something, you never get anything accomplished in particular.  Which is fine for dogs chasing squirrels – its FUN!  So is dream chasing for would-be successful entrepreneurs.

Pick a path and stay the course.  Focus on the outcome you are reaching for and don’t pull focus from it…ever.  Between where you are and that outcome will be a lot of details you have to work out.  But they are just details and not excuses to start chasing other opportunities or projects.

Leave the squirrels to the dogs!

A Walk In The Woods

the forest through the trees

“There’s a space where you have to let go, and let the beauty of Creation come through you.” ~ Terri TallTree

I was walking through the park this morning, as I do every morning, and I finally stopped to snap this picture.  Something about the dead tree and sunlight through the dark green of the forest always gets to me.

Its really weird to think about all the cars driving through the park (people who are heading to work, taking the slower, prettier route to stretch out their freedom before work must begin) and me standing here getting an obscure picture.  My dog Mojo exploring behind be, the smell of pure oxygen being created all around me in the Green Air Engine that is the forest.

Me, enjoying life to the fullest, while most people are headed to their jobs.  I’ve been outside that world for so many years that I don’t think about it often.  Then it hits me in a giant woosh that I have a very special life.  Massive appreciation for this.

Also appreciating the people I’ve helped over the last 17 years to set themselves free to live life by their own design.

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do, expand your possibilities to include a morning like mine.  It could be a beach, a mountain hike, or enjoying your backyard and watching birds at the feeder.  The key word is “Freedom.”

I’ve watched and helped people from all walks of life come into their own with a digital business they run from their homes, like me, and I know that it is possible for absolutely anyone to do it.

There’s a lot more to life than what we were ever told as children.  Whatever you think about how “big” life can be, how full and awesome it can be, try stepping those boundaries out a bit farther.  It’s much, much bigger and more awesome than you may have ever let yourself believe!

We shouldn’t spend a moment of it unhappy doing things we don’t want to do for a living.


Remember Why You Started Your Business In The First Place

For most of us, starting and growing our own business was solely for the freedom and lifestyle we dreamed of experiencing.  Somewhere along the way, we can fall victim to our businesses running us much in the same way we felt working for others restricted and bound us to a life we didn’t want.


Remember why you started your business in the first place.  Remember the goals you set for things like travel, vacations, your ideal home, enough money to consider yourself financially free, being of service to others and making the world a better place… FREEDOM.

Your business must support those goals – not the other way around.  If it does not, take this as inspiration and a wake up call to get back to what you started your business for in the first place.


Business Not Going Anywhere? It’s The Noise…

Seriously, I can tell you exactly, with 100% precision why your business seems stalled or is growing at a painfully slow rate. And it’s not for lack of customer attraction opportunities.

People collect great methods for getting targeted traffic like a hoarder collects toasters and dry cleaning bags.  And businesses suffocate under the weight of all the tactics, training, and advice collected but never applied.

The root cause of customer attraction failure nowadays is an embarrassment of riches.  The addiction to collecting training and experience, yet applying none of it.  Applying none of it because there’s too much of it.

If you can get targeted traffic via 5 or 6 different social sites, a search engine that everyone on the web uses to find stuff, video marketing, content marketing, guest blogging, interviews, Amazon Kindle books, affiliate programs, joint ventures, and 501 other traffic generating tactics, then where do you start?

Most people can’t stare into the face of all that and make any sense out of it.  The only thing they can do is buy more stuff.  It feels good to buy another traffic tactic even though we have more than an entire lifetime’s worth sitting in our heads and hard drives.

It’s easier to keep buying stuff because buying feels like doing.  Spending hard-earned money feels like artificial sweat equity.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with spending money for training, or on the things needed to run a business.  But if you don’t know why you’re doing all this in the first place, you’ll never have the discipline to pull off the “how.”  (Wanting money is not a sufficient “why.”)

The noise attacks us from every angle.  We’re supposed to use social media to market ourselves, but we get sucked in and swallowed up by it instead.  We’re supposed to show up in search but search changes every 5 minutes so we have to keep buying courses to figure it out.  The entire time, nothing is figured out and not a sale is made.

The internet is like Dr. Seuss’ Whoville on Christmas Eve.

There are billions of us playing our Jing Tinglers and Flu Floopers.  Marketers selling their sure-thing Tar Tinklers and Slu Slumpkers.  Gurus slinging their Who Hoovers and Gar Ginkers.  And all that noise, noise, noise!

If only one could block out the noise and proceed to grow their business with focus, then their business would grow.

The only people on the web today who could be considered true success stories are the people who have been able to tune out the noise.  The noise serves only the people who are entertaining themselves and distracting themselves.  It confuses people into buying things and hanging out in front of advertising for longer periods of time.  It also destroys marketers’ ability to focus.

A marketer cannot afford to get lost in it all and hope to gain the attention of their most desired prospects.   It just never happens.

There are several ways to get new customers.  There are tons of sources, tactics, and strategies.  Being too confused by the buffet of choices to get anything meaningful accomplished is not how you wanted your business to end up.  Dead before it really got going.

Pick a strategy and work it completely through.  Pick your expert and follow their advice all the way to the end.  Strike out in any direction, but strike out now, today!