A Walk In The Woods

the forest through the trees

“There’s a space where you have to let go, and let the beauty of Creation come through you.” ~ Terri TallTree

I was walking through the park this morning, as I do every morning, and I finally stopped to snap this picture.  Something about the dead tree and sunlight through the dark green of the forest always gets to me.

Its really weird to think about all the cars driving through the park (people who are heading to work, taking the slower, prettier route to stretch out their freedom before work must begin) and me standing here getting an obscure picture.  My dog Mojo exploring behind be, the smell of pure oxygen being created all around me in the Green Air Engine that is the forest.

Me, enjoying life to the fullest, while most people are headed to their jobs.  I’ve been outside that world for so many years that I don’t think about it often.  Then it hits me in a giant woosh that I have a very special life.  Massive appreciation for this.

Also appreciating the people I’ve helped over the last 17 years to set themselves free to live life by their own design.

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do, expand your possibilities to include a morning like mine.  It could be a beach, a mountain hike, or enjoying your backyard and watching birds at the feeder.  The key word is “Freedom.”

I’ve watched and helped people from all walks of life come into their own with a digital business they run from their homes, like me, and I know that it is possible for absolutely anyone to do it.

There’s a lot more to life than what we were ever told as children.  Whatever you think about how “big” life can be, how full and awesome it can be, try stepping those boundaries out a bit farther.  It’s much, much bigger and more awesome than you may have ever let yourself believe!

We shouldn’t spend a moment of it unhappy doing things we don’t want to do for a living.


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