Ultralight Marketing, The Re-Birth of Conversation, and Packing Light For Better Results


In this short guide, learn how to cut the excess, ineffective junk from your marketing and get back to basics to pull your business forward.

(Hint:  practically everything you’ve been taught about marketing is wrong.)

Marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs of all kinds are trying to make it in the digital age.   Drunk on opportunities to get targeted leads, and passed out face-down in the gutter on the info highway with fractured, overly complicated lives due to complex, bloated marketing plans. And here’s the irony:  your readers, listeners, fans, and followers are desperate for “more.”  

(But not more of what you’re currently giving them!)

Learn what that is, and you can bring your business back on track starting immediately!

Marketing today can be complicated.

(Understatement of the century!)

The information that you can compile in mere hours on how to market effectively on the web is endless, contradictory, confusing, and overwhelming.  People desperately need a solution and that solution is NOT another complex 52-step sales funnel! With all the talking on the web, there are very few conversations happening.  Conversations are now what people crave more than ever.  

Social media is nothing  but bits and bites of air-puffed, sugar-coated advertising masquerading as useful information.  Its empty calories.  A diet of information junk food (for any length of time) is going to have anyone craving protein, substance, meat on the bone.

“Today, the web’s blood sugar levels are off the charts. ” 

Our target audience (in every single industry) is hungry for deeper, more meaningful content.  Scratch that, they want to have a full conversation more now than ever before.  And they aren’t getting it from the marketers who have been taught that they must chunk everything down into whatever can fit on a pinterest image.  

We’ve been sold a bill of goods that says we must accomplish something impossible with email and social media alone. What we have today is a web full of great conversation starters (memes and snippets of information) with nothing to back them up.  Where’s the beef?  That’s what your audience wants to know.  And that’s why your content marketing campaign might be falling far short of your goals.

Here’s precisely where we left the trail:  

“They’re all on social media and they demand content that is light, puffy, and easy to consume in 140 character spoonfuls.  And if you can’t get the job done with that recipe, you are SOL.!”

Devil's Overlook in Daniel Boone National Forest
Devil’s Overlook in Daniel Boone National Forest

Guess who propagated this outright fallacy?  Was it the market?  Really?  No sir!  It was us.  Marketers made this up. Yes people got really excited for several years about social media and snippets of information.  It made them feel like they were learning and doing something when all they were doing was providing the machines (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with the fuel they needed to take over the web.  

And now they hate it, but are still addicted to it.  (The recipe for their recovery from this addiction is below.) People are waking up and there is strong evidence that they never completely abandoned the idea of having real conversations to the degree we all told ourselves.  

WE wimped out.  WE gave up and compounded the problem, thinking we were keeping up with change.  We were, in reality, destroying our businesses. Human nature doesn’t change.  We just have smart phones now.  But Human Nature itself never changed in the process.  So why are we marketing like it did?

Here’s Your 4-Step Recovery Program:

  1. Scrap everything you’re doing right now for a minute (figuratively, of course) and take a fresh look at what your goals are for your business, and discover the real conversations around your product/service that are to be had.
  2. Then remove the junk food marketing from the process.
  3. Create a new system with an aggressive culling of everything you have in your marketing that doesn’t get your audience directly involved in engaging interactions with you and your brand.
  4. Put updates on social that engage and move people to your site, where targeted, interested, real prospects will take the time to engage with your content.

Sound too simple?  Well let that sink in.  It’s time to create an “Ultralight Marketing Campaign” that eliminates distractions, fads, and meaningless steps in the prospect to buyer process in your business.

Do you really need a 10-step funnel to bring in new customers?

How about this instead:

  1. Think more about how to answer the call for help in your market and just freakin’ answer it.
  2. Create a post, like this one, that just flat out tries to solve a problem for them – sincerely!
  3. Watch as your audience wipes their eyes in disbelief that you are actually taking the time to help – deeply and not superficially.  They haven’t experienced much of this in a long while!
  4. Put them on pages of your site that only have content and one call to action.  No banners, other links…no distractions.
  5. Kill your sidebar.  No one is clicking on anything there anyway.  Check your analytics if you don’t believe me!
  6. See if you can’t make a 2-step process out of your current convoluted process of grooming your readers.  Do a social or email update that goes directly to a page that engages and then offers a hyper-relevant call to action.  Make a game of it and see if you can’t just get conversions with a simple conversation and call to action 2-step.
  7. Stop trying to hide that you are a marketer with gimmicks and schemes.  It’s not working.  People are onto the whole freebie-then-sell-me tactics that have nothing of real substance to offer and no real sign of us giving a damn about their well being outside of buying stuff from us.

What Thru Hikers On The Pacific Crest At the beginning of the Pacific Crest Trail on the border of Mexico and California each year there is a kick-off party.  All the thru hikers (people who attempt to hike the entire length of the PCT – 2660 miles to Canada) gather to nervously exchange information, get tips, and seek advice from trail veterans.

There’s one very important booth you have to check out if you are a newbie. Its where trail vets rip into your pack and throw out all the junk you don’t need on your back during this exhausting, challenging trip of a lifetime.  People have been known to drop off the trail in the first week under crazy, self-imposed burdens, when they were sure they were going to hike all 2600 miles just days before.

“My mission is to be that guy for your business.  I’m your anti-sherpa.” 

I don’t want either of us carrying unnecessary weight while we’re climbing mountains.  You’re carrying an 85 pound pack on your back while trying to hike up and down mountains, and that’s not going to work for you even for one day longer. Where I teach this stuff is at Directions University with Dean and Founder Gina Gaudio-Graves (The “JV Queen”).  

The Leverage Black Book is where you can unburdened yourself from the useless junk you’ve picked up along the way. And then you’re given the blueprint to become a nimble, quick, effective marketer.

(By the way, this is a 2-step article you’re reading now.  This kind of thing converts really well.  Copy my method and prosper.  Get more killer intel like this here.)

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