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Where did Bending The Web come from?

People have made it clear, and not usually directly, that the title of my marketing philosophy and my book “Bending The Web” is somewhat vague.

spoonWhat does “Bending the Web” mean?

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

-The Matrix, 1999

After many years of being “in the Matrix” that is the Internet, following rules that people completely made up out of vapor, I suddenly came to the realization that the “rules” were as bendable as the spoon.  They were nothing.  Putty. Vapor.  And I realized there was an entirely different way to view and operate on the web.

For instance, there actually are no real rules for SEO.  No real rules for building a popular website and presence on the web.  I learned this by thinking about the Internet as a construct of rules we’ve all been taught, yet that don’t actually apply if you step out of the artificial environment we’ve created and work from the outside.

This is a brain-bender in many ways.  “How can you be ON the web and work it as if you’re outside and unhindered by the rules that make it work in the first place?”

I’m not Morpheus, and I don’t have a hover ship that exists on the “outside.”  Though I do have a Jeep Commander that I sometimes pretend is being pursued by Sentinels when I go to the drug store or a restaurant.

What I have is an awareness that the web can be easily viewed “from the outside” like a child views his ant colony; with all the ants working and living day-in and day-out, completely ignorant of the fact that their world is not the whole world they believe it to be.  That they are being observed in a controlled, artificial world from a far larger world.

The rules in the ant colony are in place because of the space they are restricted to and their need to survive.  They are not the rules that would be in place if they were wild ants living in the much bigger “real” world.

Rules of Internet Marketing That Can Be Bent

  1. You cannot approach a large site in your market and get their attention unless you have the right credentials and authority.
  2. You cannot command a large following in social media unless you are willing to work for a long time to build your following a person at a time.
  3. You must put in X amount of due diligence, sweat, and long hours of work for everything that you gain:  traffic, rankings, leads, sales.
  4. It will only become easy once you are successful and your business runs on staff, great financial resources, and brand recognition in the market.
  5. Because individuals lack the resources, connections, and experience to pull off a big, professional presence like mid to large companies can, we have to replace everything we lack with hard work… sweat equity.
  6. You must wait in line before you get your big chance to get in front of a large audience targeted to your content, products, or services.
  7. You have to be practically as big and successful as the person or company whose attention you are trying to attract before they will pay attention to you.
  8. You have to market a certain way to get into Google Search.
  9. You have to produce content a certain way in order to make sales.
  10. You have to …..

The real truth is, there are no rules.  You don’t have to do anything, on anyone else’s agenda, or by the vapor rules above to succeed online.  There are “glitches” all over the web that disprove every one of the conventional and accepted rules above.

You can move very quickly, in fact, from obscurity to having a solid and growing presence online.  There are many examples of web-benders who came on the Internet and ignored all the rules above, and many more, and simply said “No” to the fake rules and conventional wisdom being shot at them.

Think of the “rule” that you have to have a website on your own domain and hosting before you’ll ever succeed.  

Then explain to yourself how people become successful when all they have is social accounts and a YouTube channel.  You have seen it happen with your own eyes, and gone right back to your daily grind as if you didn’t REALLY see the Matrix “glitch” right in front of you.  Almost everyone has.  Until they are pulled out of the Matrix to see the web for what it really is.  No spoon.

Or the “rule” that you have to have a beautiful website matching the look, feel, and quality of a $100,000 website in order for visitors to respond to you and take you seriously.

Then explain to yourself how people with ugly sites that don’t even work very well can be successful online.  We’ve all seen these examples.  And most of us simply see the glitch, and put our heads back down like zombies going back to working within the rules, within the Matrix.

Coincidence.  Weirdness. Anomaly.  (All Excuses to Stay Blind.)

Most people have no vocabulary to explain the thousands of anomalies in the Matrix.  And their minds are like the minds of the ants in an enclosed, very small desktop ant colony.  Inside a toy a mere millimeters wide, encased in glass, the ants wouldn’t “see” the real world even if you showed it to them.  No more than fish would understand water if you tried to show them what they’ve been living in all their lives.  Their brains would make up something to explain away what they were seeing and they’d get back to work being fishes and ants as if it never happened.

Very few people, relative to the vast numbers trying to start and grow businesses online, ever wake up and see all that’s really around them.  What’s available to them beyond the ant farm they’ve been living in.

The Benders

Some people wake up and wonder why they shouldn’t just walk right up to the biggest players in their market and begin working with them right away, so that they can stand on their big stage, in front of that “big dog’s” audience.

Some people bend the rules or completely break them by simply stopping, realizing this can’t be all there is to the Internet, and asking questions.  Looking at things completely differently than the conventional web-marketing wisdom goes: that we should operate within norms and conduct ourselves according to far narrower rules and habits than the space that the web actually takes up.

In the early days, people would write about the Internet as the “Wild West” and romanticize it being the “Great Equalizer” where “Anything Goes.”

Headline:  “Small one-man shop can compete toe to toe with the biggest companies in the world, and even win!”

But what have we actually created on the web if not an almost mirror-image of our real world of walls, enclosures, and glass ceilings?  Things we cannot do and places we cannot go? 

We’ve infected the web with all that plagues us in business in the real world.  

The “Wild West” didn’t go away.  Anything does, actually, really go!  But we’ve placed ourselves in glass-walled prisons without using any physical matter at all.  We’ve made prisons of our minds, represented in 1’s and 0’s.  Vapor prisons.

There is no spoon.  

There is nothing holding you back from paying attention to the “glitches” and deciding for yourself you will never look at the business on the web in the same way, ever again.

The anomalies (people seeming coming out of nowhere to build highly successful websites, product lines, and authority) are what you pay the most attention to now.  Then you adapt, change, and mold what you learn to suit the rapid, efficient growth of your business.

The tools and training created for web marketers, for the most part, are created within the Matrix.  

Therefore most tools, software, and training are not correct.  They are broken and incomplete things created from within a broken and incomplete fabrication of the real web.  They are made by people who don’t know the spoon is not real.  How could training and resources created inside the Matrix ever help you to succeed in bending the web to your will?  They will not.  They only serve to keep you trapped within false confines.

There Is No Book.

Bending the Web isn’t a book.  It’s not a product.  It’s a philosophy… a mindset.  It is the realization that none of the rules apply on the web aside from electricity, IP addresses, and domains.  Everything else can be bent and used to your benefit to speed up the process of success exponentially.

Are you saying that I can dodge the pitfalls and barriers to success that are thrown in my way?

No, I’m saying that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.

Come hang out with all of the people I’ve managed to pull out of the Matrix so far in our Google+ community. We’re floating blocks and bending spoons with our minds.  And we’re working together, outside the Matrix, to do what those inside the Matrix think is impossible:  Building businesses and achieving financial and personal success quickly.

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