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New Inspiration From The Benders’ Community on G+

I made three posts in a row over in our new G+ Web Benders’ Community. Wanted to get your feedback and input on them, so they are excerpted and linked below to original posts.

Breaking out of the Matrix.

Excerpt:  Rules That Marketers Blindly Follow

-I can’t do something THAT big until I’ve reached some imaginary point of success, exposure, credibility, respect, or authority.
-I won’t go “big” in my niche until I’ve “done the time” and “put in the work”
-I won’t have 1 million readers in a year until some arbitrary, self-imposed benchmark happens for my business, site, brand, products…

All the “rules” above and many like them are pure imagination.  Vapor.  They mean absolutely nothing to a web-bender.

I’ve watched people do incredible things after working with them to help erase the mindset of false restrictions like these. Read the rest of this post here…

What do you want people to say about you behind your back?

“Jack is the best at ______ and you should have him help you with your ___ .”

“Daniel is the guy I recommend most for __ and __ .  He really helped me a lot!”

“Trish is the best __ coach in the business, in my opinion.  I’d work with her again in a heartbeat and you should too!”

Decide the kinds of things you’d like people saying about you to their peers or friends.  Write these things out.  Be specific.

Then…. Read the rest of this post here…

Let’s Get Bendy!

Share your favorite web-bending story to date (because you WILL have more!)


-What’s the biggest mention, link, share, or guest appearance (guest post, interview, etc.) you’ve landed so far?
-What big stage in your niche did you land on recently?
-What big player in your niche sent you props, and the eyeballs of their followers and what was the outcome for you?

I want to hear all your stories, big or small, it’s all relative – so read the rest here and chime in!  I’m a strong believer in telling your story to make more of those kinds of things happen!

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