5 Ways To Grow Your Business Faster Day 4


This is Day 4 of the "5 Ways To Grow Your Business Faster" series.

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So far in this series, I've discussed 3 traps all business owners can find themselves in over time that prevent them from moving forward and growing as fast as it took to get where they are today.

I've shown you the Isolation trap, the Tunnel Vision trap, and the Old Softy trap.

Today I want to show you the trap almost everyone falls into. And you typically have no idea how bad it's gotten until it blows your mind when you see it!

Trap #4: The Hoarder

business leverage

The more successful you become, the more stuff that comes at you. And the trick is, it all looks like a great opportunity to gain more leverage in your business when you snatch it up. You open up the ability to use your resources for more training, more automation tools, and more tactics and strategies you incorporate into your marketing and fulfillment over time.

I'm not saying you are filling your house or office with physical stuff you don't need. But I am saying you (and everyone in business, to some degree) fill up your time and systems with a lot of stuff you don't need.

And here's the kicker: Today I'm going to have you take a look at what you've got going on and get ruthless about eliminating the dead weight. Depending on how long you've been out of the initial growth phase of your business, you're going to notice some damned serious clutter!

I'm talking about things that are weighing your business down by not doing what you'd hoped for your business when you implemented them.

Every time you add on a new thing, like a new funnel page builder or other SAAS solution, it takes regular care and feeding... 

...or it begins to flounder. And it can also be dragging a big weight behind your business, slowing you down.

Each new bobble you add to your business can either save you time, give you more true leverage, or it can be another knot in the noose around your neck.

All the tactics you have in the air right now, including all the stuff you use to drive leads, build relationships with prospective customers, and all the little tools you pay monthly fees for that you've picked up along the way...

All of those things become another weight. Or they don't. It depends on whether they are performing for you today the way they were pitched in the beginning. In any case, each "thing" wants it's maintenance, attention, and money, whether its working for you or not.

Have you ever reminisced about how much easier, leaner, and cleaner it all felt in the beginning of your business?

Yes you were likely working twice as hard, but there weren't as many moving parts to your business then as there are now.

Some of those parts are still working for you. Don't mess with those. But take a look around your business today and check for dead weight.

Look at all the monthly subscriptions for software, training, tools and conveniences you've picked up over all this time.

Are you using it all? Or are you holding onto things you're hoping to get to and fix up later?

OR are you finding things you didn't even know you were still paying for? 

Next take a look at your system for bringing in and working with leads for your business.

From Facebook ads to search engine optimization tools, to regular content (your editorial calendar for putting out content on your site and social media), to your product funnels.

Do you know, out of all of that stuff, what's really working for you? Or, like most busy entrepreneurs, are you afraid to mess with anything because you DON'T know which of the pieces is actually doing the job of bringing you new business?

In this scenario, many people have mini-panic attacks as they begin to realize just how out of control all the "stuff" in their business has gotten.

Do you see the connection now?

When your business was really taking off you were lean, mean, and in fighting (Warrior) shape. You were bootstrapping and it was hard, yes, but you knew where everything was and how it worked because you were on top your business. 

Now it can feel like your business is on top of YOU. And it's an elephant. And it has no plans to move any time soon.


Time to get Zen. Go minimalist. Ruthlessly make everything in your business PROVE itself to you that it deserves to stay and get rid of whatever is left.

There was a reason your business took off like it did before growth started slowing down. You're probably starting to see it has a lot to do with the things that you've piled on, because you could, and because you remember what it was like not to have the resources you do now to make the beginning a lot easier.

Except you'd have moved slowly then too, if you'd been able to pile on all the gadgets and gizmos you have today. It would have been a curse, not a blessing!

One of the things I love doing right off the bat for my clients is give their businesses a Shake Down. When I'd do it for backpackers who weren't going to make the whole hike bcause of their heavy packs, I saved them from getting off the trail earlier and ruining their "trip of a lifetime."

With entrepreneurs, I help them save their businesses from languishing and getting passed up by competition by ripping out all the unnecessary heavy junk they've accumulated, mostly without really noticing it.

Then we pile all the junk up and have a nice digital bonfire. I love getting people back to their lean, mean, high-performance version of themselves.

Only experience can make the call on some of these things. If you don't know what you can dump to get moving faster again, it's going to stay in your backpack and keep its foot on the brakes of your business.

Let's talk and I can show you just how fleet of foot and fancy free your business can be again. And that will lead you to your next big growth spurt!

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