Day 3 of the 5 Ways To Grow Your Business Faster Series


This is Day 3 of the "5 Ways To Grow Your Business Faster" series.

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Welcome back to my mini-series "5 Ways to Grow Your Business Faster!" Today I'm going to cover a big trap that most business owners fall into at one point or another. In your case, that point might be right now.

Trap #3: Isolation

As you've been cruising along and building your business, you've naturally become very focused. It is an achievement and something you should take pride in. You wouldn't be where you are today if you weren't organized and focused on growth.

Here's the problem we all face after a period of keeping our heads down and building our businesses: 

We Become Isolated And Run Low On Connections.

growing my business faster

Are you the loneliest marketer in your Shire? Let's develop some better Hobbits!

This is a problem because we end up being the entire engine that powers our businesses. Take a day off and everything grinds to a halt. Take a vacation, and you come back to a massive drop in momentum, sales, and even traffic to your site.

Connections aren't really just partners, affiliates, and people bragging about your products or services on podcasts, blogs, and social.

Connections are Leverage.

One of the biggest problems my clients have when they've hit a wall with their businesses is that they are isolated and haven't poked their heads up for a long enough period that they've dropped off other key players' radars.

This can give you a sense of loneliness and disconnect that is quite disturbing. Sales and traffic suffer, and you find yourself needing to work harder and harder to do things that came easily in the beginning.

If people aren't talking about your business, or rather, if you are the only one talking about your business, everything gets to be really hard.

Solution: Create Some Easy Buzz! 

Come up with something interesting and engaging to talk about that relates to your product or service, and turn it into a campaign to get more attention from influencers and potential clients / customers.. 

Note: I recently found myself in this very trap you are reading about!

Can you guess, then, why I am writing this series? This is an example of what I'm asking you to do for your business. It works! And I've used it to reinvigorate my connection and meet new influencers, partners, and clients on several occasions in my 20 years of doing business on the web.

I always appreciate finding an expert who is doing what they advise their clients and prospects to do. In this case, you're reading about my trap. I've been working with clients and spending a lot of time behind the scenes in my business.

And now I'm creating buzz by helping with a few of the issues that my potential clients are interested in fixing. This 5-part series gives me something to talk about "out there" on social, to my subscribers, on podcast interviews, and in Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

You Can Easily Do This Too - And You Should!

You aren't totally isolated from the friends, associates, and fans as you would be if your were starting out from scratch. Old relationships can be renewed easily just by popping your head up and saying "hi" with some new content. A new message. Something relevant to talk about.

All you need to do is focus on something your clients or customers care about, create an idea for the series, and write, video, or create an audio out of it. (Or all 3!)

What A Mini-Buzz Campaign Does

  1. It gives you a re-launch into the hearts and minds of past followers while introducing you to new prospective clients and customers.
  2. It gives you something to talk about that is relevant and meaningful, and not just a promo for your products and services. (Nothing will be met with less enthusiasm than coming out of nowhere with a product pitch when the relationship work hasn't been done in awhile. Trust me. I've tested it!)
  3. It shows you know your stuff. Since you last did anything like this, a whole bunch of products and people have come online claiming their superiority in value or experience. You know that's not true, and the market needs to be reminded of it.
  4. It gives you something to go on podcasts and talk about. It's the jumping off point to creating value to podcasters' subscribers and makes it easier to get on shows.

There are many more ways creating a series of pieces (like 5 Ways To Grow Your Business Faster) or one big authority article, video, training, or demonstration will help you meet new influencers, partners, affiliates, and potential clients or customers.

It opens a Pandora's Box of opportunities. 

And it is why I always fall back on this strategy when I need to reinvigorate my presence and gain new attention for my business.

This strategy is deeper than an article like this can cover, and there's a ton on nuance and tactics within it that make it really powerful. Remember that you have to syndicate on social effectively, email your lists, and get the word out about your new content to make any of it worthwhile. But that's another topic for another day.

In any case, you could take this tip today and, without any of the rest of what I do with it personally, get immediate rewards from it.

Just this week my subscriber count and my consulting leads have gone up considerably. Yours will to if you just copy what I'm doing here.

If you want to really take this and make it something even more powerful, drop me a line and I will show you everything else that can be done with this De-Isolation Strategy to grow your business faster.

Don't miss the next solution in this series! 

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