Better Ways To Get Massive, Targeted Traffic


Which is better?

  1. Getting targeted traffic by reaching your audience one at a time?
  2. Getting targeted traffic by the bushel by reaching thought leaders?

Seems like the answer would be obvious.  But #1 is the way most people are taught to get targeted visitors to their sites.  And it’s why most people fail to grow a business quickly.


Getting targeted traffic by reaching your audience one at a time with social media…

  • Do social media by the sweat of your own brow.  Meaning, go out and post on Facebook, G+, Twitter, and LinkedIn and slowly gather a following and engagement with your own posting and without the help of others.

Getting targeted traffic by the bushel by reaching thought leaders through social media…

  • Focus on being a supportive, engaged follower of thought leaders in your market who have the attention of a vast audience you want to attract.  Impress them.  Engage them.  And you’ll get the attention of all their followers in one fell swoop when the thought leader shares your stuff.  This happens only AFTER you’ve done something cool (or a series of cool things) for the thought leader.

Getting tons of traffic via joint ventures (the old way)

  • Mail a bunch of people with big lists and ask them to mail for you.  Wait for the deafening silence to follow.

Getting tons of traffic via joint ventures (the RIGHT way)

  • Do nice things for potential JV partners like calling out their successes on social media.
  • Mail for them first without an affiliate link.
  • Invite them to a Google Hangout as your featured guest where they can showcase their talent.
  • Write a blog post with their top 5-10 articles you’ve liked in the past.
  • Broker a JV deal for them with one of your valuable contacts.

You get the idea.  The JVs will follow.  Your list will grow by big chunks of new subscribers at a time.  Sales will increase the same way.

You can go after each new subscriber, follower, and customer one at a time and spend years growing your business.

Or you can go after a handful of individuals who control the eyes and ears of many thousands of your ideal readers, followers, customers and grow your business “overnight.”

It is far easier to implement your marketing campaign being focused on a handful of thought leaders than it is to focus on “everyone you created your products or services for” individually.

The most debilitating thing to a marketing campaign is confusion, clutter, and lack of focus.

And nothing is more confusing, cluttered, and unfocused than running a campaign that seeks to build your business by reaching out to your market one person at a time; one social status update at a time; one email subscriber at a time.

Look for the largest leverage points in your market and focus your entire effort upon them.  

All your search rankings, social following, email subscribers, and customers will fill in automatically, with no effort on your part, once you’ve capture the attention of your first audience:  the powerful, well-followed, successful thought leaders in your niche.


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