8 Answers To The Most Common Marketing Questions


Question 1:  How do I get lots of search engine rankings so that at least 1/2 of my traffic comes from search?

Common Answer:  Buy an SEO course and learn how to do something that took real SEO experts years to learn, then work your ass off for quite awhile before you see this goal come to fruition.

Better Answer:  Forget about learning SEO or hiring someone for an outrageous sum of money.  The people who already score for the search terms you want, already HAVE the attention of the audience you want to get in front of on search.  Use their rankings and their influence and stop thinking you have to compete with everyone in the world for everything you want.  You don’t.  And you don’t need to know more than a couple hours worth of very basic SEO.

Question 2:  How do I build a big following on social media so that I can attract more targeted visitors, leads, and hot prospects to my products/services?

Common Answer:  When you wake up in the morning, begin thinking about everything you’re going to post on social media, then spend a massive amount of time on social media, every day, trying to build your following on your wits alone.  Just putting out great content should do the trick!  That, and a good year’s worth of hard work on top of taking care of your clients and other duties as an entrepreneur.

Better Answer:  There are people who have already done this.  They have the followers, right this minute, that you wish to have “one day.”  They have all that attention you seek, now.  Right now.  You could be getting mentioned by some of the big thought leaders in your market right now if you hadn’t bought into the lie of “hard work and great content.”  Don’t be redundant.  Go where the conversation is already happening, where the action is right now, and do whatever it takes to get those bright lights to shine on you.  Then you’ll have your big, targeted, engaged following on social.  Quickly, without all the pain and suffering of one-at-a-time social media follower-building.


Question 3:   How do I build a big list of subscribers that is responsive, targeted, and perfectly matched to what I offer?

Common Answer:  (One of many similar types of answers) Become really good at Facebook advertising.  Spend the time and money it takes to make mistakes and finally drill down to a profitable campaign.  Run the traffic through an exquisite funnel, after spending a nice chunk on a course on funnel-building and marketing, and you will have your targeted subscriber list.

Better Answer:  Someone has already built the exact list you seek to build.  They are responsive subscribers.  Active. Engaged.  And they are buyers.  Why would you try to build your own list by becoming yet another sort of expert in another professional field (such as paid advertising) when you can build your list by big chunks of targeted subscribers at a time for free?  People with lists of subscribers that you’d love to get in front of WILL mail for you, if you give them the right reason to.  It’s not because you have an affiliate program; they don’t care.  It’s not because you ask nicely; they don’t care.  Only when you do something genuine, something helpful, and of great service to them will they find a reason to mail about your latest genuinely badass free offer.  And many times they won’t even ask for an affiliate link, kickback, or commissions if you take the time to master the Art of Leverage.

Question 4:  How do I attract an engaged, loyal readership for my content?

Common Answer:  Create really, really, really great content.  Then put it on social media.  People will love it, click to read more, sign up to your newsletter, and buy your stuff.

Less insulting, far more effective answer:  The people you want to attract are already reading really, really, really great content on other keystone websites in your niche.  They are loyal and engaged.  And they go where the creator of that content tells them they should go.  In this case, they should be telling their readers how great you are by sharing your stuff with them.  If you don’t have thought leaders with well-read blogs recommending your stuff, you’re losing the game.  This is the only way to quickly build your own following and you don’t do it any other way.  Not paid ads.  Not “build-it-and-they’ll-come.”  Nothing else gets you a loyal fan base of high-quality readers faster than people who can move the exact crowd you want right to your doorstep.  And with not much more than a wink in your direction.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the Art of Leverage for internet marketers, bloggers, consultants, authors, local business, and service providers, stay tuned.  Starting this week and throughout the summer I will be unveiling some very cool intel and resources that will shed more light on what I know about leverage.

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