In your business, are you a trail breaker or a follower?


Most people follow trends and advice from average marketing experts.  Very few blaze new trails in business.  It’s no small coincidence that those few are most often the ones at the top in every industry, while everyone else spends their lives wallowing without the success they envisioned.


Below I describe two schools of thought in detail.  See which one you adhere to now and which one you’d rather emulate to grow your business bigger and faster than most people.

1.  Conventional Wisdom When Building A Web Business

This school of thought is one of hard work, sweat equity, extreme patience, and towing the line.  Here are some pieces of “advice” from most experts today:

  • Work super hard.  No matter if you have a life, family, another job at the moment, or any other “distractions.”  Do whatever it takes.
  • Wait your turn.  We all had to work very hard to get where we are, so you need to get in line and when it pleases us, we’ll throw you a bone and promote you (or not).
  • Gain a big following on social media one person at a time.  And do it by just being witty, giving away all your best content for free, and posting several times per day.  Expect not to get decent following, even then, for many, many months.
  • Build a big list by following a lot of the advice above.  One subscriber at a time on your own dime.  Don’t expect anyone or anything to help you do this easily or faster than 6 months to a year or more.

2.  Build It Big By Leveraging EVERYTHING

This isn’t a “school of thought” because it would be a very small school.  It mainly contains unwritten rules, yet it is how the captains of industry and virtually every major online success story grew their businesses.  It is obvious how they do it, often in plain sight, but most people miss the cues and live entire lifetimes in the presence of true business-exploding power without ever learning about it and applying it.

  • Instead of working super hard, we work at leveraging relationships with people who already have gained a big following, a big list, and a big customer base that is the perfect audience for our products and services.
  • Instead of getting our own search engine rankings, we use the rankings of others to gain the attention and traffic we need.  We don’t become SEO geeks and we don’t care if our terms ever get into the top 10 (except that they do, eventually, anyway!)
  • Instead of growing our social influence one follower and fan at a time, we get scores of new followers and fans in lump sums from our leveraged relationships.  From people who already have built huge following in social and have the attention of our perfect demographic.
  • Instead of growing our email lists one subscriber at a time by spending all our time writing content and doing social media a good portion of every day, we again leverage our relationships.
  • We work hard, but we work smarter, more than anything else.  And what we work at 95% of the time in marketing our businesses is LEVERAGE.

Leverage means you can go from small to big in short order.

It means you start at the middle, and quickly get to the top influencers in your market, and fill in all that work you would have done for years following conventional wisdom in one fell swoop.

Relationships take time and work to build too.

It’s just that they take less time and less work, and the payoff is massively larger than chugging away the “work super hard” way.  It also keeps you focused.

One of the biggest reasons most people fail to get anywhere in business is that they get distracted by what everyone else is doing.

They get distracted by shiny objects like a new Facebook marketing course.  A new SEO course.  And myriad other individual tactics for gaining more customers, leads, attention, and followers.  At the end of the day, you end up with not much more than a big pile of courses and an almost full-time career in educating yourself on things you don’t need to know nearly that much about.


If you can leverage top 10 rankings without knowing much at all about SEO, then you don’t need years of education in a very specialized and very difficult, ever-changing expertise.  I want to be in good health.  I don’t go out and learn how to remove my spleen.  I go to a surgeon who has spent decades learning and honing their craft.

I leverage doctors, lawyers, plumbers, realtors and every other profession so that I don’t have to go through their learning curves to get my stuff taken care of myself.

Remember that your goal is to build and grow a business as fast as possible with focused effort on the things you can already do right now.  Your goal was never to know all the stuff SEOs know or social media experts know.  Knowing something doesn’t put money in the bank.  Selling stuff does.

And the quickest way to get the things you need to sell a lot of “stuff” is leverage!

It should be your sole focus once you’ve got your product or service sales system set up and ready for the attention you can only bring when you market the right way.

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