June 16

Video Posting Software Sneek Peek!


I am playing with a beta version of a new piece of software we are going to be releasing soon. Remember Utility Poster? Well, not to sit on our past success, we immediately got to work on other things that bloggers could post to their sites with such a tool and created “Video Utility Poster.”

Don’t go looking for the URL. You can’t have this puppy just yet!

The first thing I always do with search software of any kind is a vanity search on my own name. I found some videos people had done on YouTube that I hadn’t seen before. (Video Utility Poster will also search Truveo but I haven’t gotten that far yet.)

As you check these out, remember how long it takes you to go search, grab embed code, paste it, and then go BACK if you want more than one video from your search and do it all over again.

I just searched, previewed each video on my desktop, and dragged and dropped the ones I wanted below and hit “Publish.”

Jealous? You’ll have your chance to grab this software very soon. If you already have Utility Poster, you’ll even get a break on the price!

Rick Butts on Authority Site Center

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Warner Carter on Social Power Linking


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Andrew Daum on Social Power Linking


Social Power Linking intro video.

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Something Random on Social Power Linking

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Site Reference Hired Someone To Just READ An Old Article of Mine, lol

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