How To Stop Working For A Living And Become A Freedom Thriver!


The world is changing so fast that when I meditate on how different it is today from even 5 years ago, certainly 20 years ago, it boggles the mind.

One of the biggest changes that I love is people breaking free of old, outdated ideas of work and “making a living.” And, one of the biggest lies told to this day to keep the old paradigm alive is that we must train for the first chunk of our lives to get jobs and do work so we can have the things we want and go places on weekends before we go back and work another week for someone else. Under this paradigm, we give most of our time to working for others’ goals and wealth, and our lives get the leftovers.

Except, for many, many people, this is no longer true. The internet destroyed this mythical rule that we do school, train, get jobs, make other people wealthy, and eek out our own exiestence happy with an occasional vacation and a decent sized TV.

I’ve been here since the beggining of the digital revolution creating businesses, courses and books, coaching people to start, grow and prosper with their own businesses. I’ve helped rescue thousands of people from “The Matrix” over the last 19 years. I’ve guided them to cut their own trail in life. I’ve shown myself and others the way to freedom from jobs and into a world of serving others and the Planet on their own terms.

Yes, work still exists in this scenario, but the energy that powers this work isn’t a 9-5 paycheck, fear of loss, and uncertainty. The energy behind it is passion for doing something you love. What others might see as work, you experience as something you can’t wait to do every day.

Getting money for what we do in our own businesses is a side effect of doing what we’d be doing even if we didn’t make money at it.

Money and making a great living with our own businesses isn’t the main driving factor – it just comes with the territory of the new world we created for ourselves.

I’ve seen all the rules that were introduced to all of us from birth. I’ve seen the life path they wanted us to take. And early in life I rejected everything about the “normal life” they wanted for us simply because they didn’t know anything else was possible.

If you are bummed out about following the path you’re on now and know you need a change, at least you have plenty of examples of how regular people have made it with their own businesses, and you can too.

It’s not easy, but it will be YOURS and you will be in 100% control of your life and your future. Starting and growing your own business is a real, legitimate option these days and not nearly the “gamble” the naysayers are always quick to remind us about.

If you’ve started your own business, you’ve already made the choice to thrive on your own terms. If you are at a plateau in your business looking for the next big growth spurt, PM me and I’d be happy to show you how to get to the next level of growth (and far beyond that!)

Whichever camp you fall into, keep seeking freedom and live life by your own rules. What they told us we must do to live decent lives were merely suggestions.

Freedom begins with realizing you have choices, not mandates, regarding how you live your life, how you serve, and how you make money doing what you really love.

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