Promoting Your Brand Online

No matter what you do online, if you are marketing in order to get traffic that will in some way get you clients, sell products or sell your services, you should think of what you do as a brand.  When you promote yourself, you’re branding!

There’s a lot to this paradigm shift, and I won’t go into it here, but we all market to get attention, get noticed, and get clients or sales.  We do this through our brand, and we have one whether we know it or not.  People assign their own brand to you or your company if you don’t provide it for them.  “That’s the link building guy.” or “That’s the house-flipping woman.”

Take control of your brand and lay it out for your prospects before they have a chance to create their own perception of who you are and what you do!

And when it comes to building and promoting your brand, there’s an endless number of things you can do from SEO to content marketing to social media marketing.  There’s always one or two more things you can do at the end of a long day to push your brand further.

You should make a list of the very easy but effective things you can do at the end of a day to put a nice finish on your work.  It adds up to a lot of extra actions every month that you were able to take, but you have to list them out and choose a couple each day before calling it a day.

Things like:

  • Post something really cool you found in your surfing during the day to your social networks.  Just link it and be done.  Something relevant to the people you want to attract to your business, of course.
  • Reach out to someone on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or G+ who would be a great referral source or prospect for your business and just offer some help, advice, or send them directly to something cool you think they’d like to see/read.
  • Go answer a question on LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers in your area of expertise.
  • Make a quick graphic like mine above and send it out on social networks after posting on your site.  Easy blog post + graphical status updates on social sites = easy traffic and buzz.

Make your list and check it toward the end of your day.  Doing this stuff for your brand puts a cap on your day that feels really good.  Especially if you end the day in the middle of a project and need to feel good about getting some easy things checked off your list and done!  And we all need that!

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