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I have been testing Rick, Armand, and Alex’s new Marketing Makeover Generator for a bit and I am quite impressed with the product.

MMG is basically a list building tool.  It easily guides you through making a page like the one you see at (opens in a new window).  Ok, so it’s a squeeze page creator, right?

Yes, it does that but then it does more.  Not only was I able to create an audio message that plays when people hit the page.  I can create an unlimited number of messages to TEST for the best optin rate!  The thing tests audio, video, and headlines against each other so that you automatically end up with the winner.

For instance, if your headline #4, audio message #2, or video #5 convert more visitors to subscribers, MMG will automatically use the highest converting combo of those to get you the highest optin rate possible for your squeeze page.

I like that I can see each of my headlines and how they are performing and, really, it is quite interesting to watch the headline I THOUGHT would be the winnner totally tank with subscribers!

I wonder how much money over the years I have lost because I assumed I was using the right headlines! 

So I am considering MMG an insurance policy against bad assumptions.  Now my visitors tell me what they like to see and hear when choosing to sign up for a list.

And I can implement one of these things on as many sites as I wish.  There are no limits on my account which is pretty cool.

I will report back here with more results.  Oh!  My current average optin rate at is 18.5%.  Yesterday I hit 23% with a new headline that started testing in the system.  MMG makes this stuff fun again!

You can go try this whole system out for a BUCK!  It really will improve your optin rates and keep you informed of things you, like me before, are probably just guessing at now.

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