Marketing in a Bad Economy

Watched the news lately? It’s kind of depressing these days. More so than usual, I mean. Here are the hot buttons at this moment:

The economy, the war(s), housing mess, the stock market, the almost worthless dollar, the election, scandals.

Why taking note of what’s most on peoples’ minds and solving problems is good business.

The hot button issues above comprise an extremely wide range of topics. There’s barely a niche that is untouched by at least one of the issues above if you carry the effect of each umbrella topic to its logical conclusion.

Questions, Searches, and Solutions

Who in your market niche is affected by any of the above, and, what are you doing to capture attention and solve problems that current issues have created?

If you are in the jobs market, are you answering questions surfers are asking about alternatives to working low-wage jobs to make ends meet because of lost jobs? (The U.S. lost over 63,000 jobs in one month recently.)

If any part of your market involves families of troops overseas, are you addressing the myriad issues they face in their daily lives?

Are you in real estate? How can you help the massive number of people worried about losing their homes or, on the flip side, helping the large number of realtors struggling to stay afloat in a flat market?

Do you offer investing advice? How creative are you being in helping people navigate a volatile market to protect their investments?

Do you help people save money on products or services of any kind? How far have you gone to really help them beyond just saving “big” on your product or service? Can you think of videos or posts that can be done to address the issue of less money per family and a weak dollar?

Don’t Let The Economy Turn Into An Excuse For Lagging Sales

In times like this it is important to get beyond “My sales are down because of the economy” mentality and start thinking of creative ways to help people solve problems to attract more attention to your products.

Look, there’s less to go around right now and people have to carefully choose the things they are spending on. This, to me, is an opportunity rather than a problem. All you have to do is what others won’t. When everyone else in your market is bemoaning the economy and lagging sales, you should be out there creating content that steals their traffic away and bonds their buyers to you and your sites.

Marketing (online or off line) as if you have no idea what’s on your customers’ minds more than anything else these days is simply dumb. Address their problems straight up and acknowledge your customers now more than ever and you will be as close to recession-proof as anyone can be these days.

People have a lot of things on their minds these days. It’s likely that your product is not among their top concerns right now, whether is should be or not, and you must recognize opportunities to place solutions in their paths that will capture their attention and impress them despite the hysteria going on around them.

Jack Humphrey

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