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An interview I did with none other than Michelle Anton and Michelle Price was just featured at Weekend Entrepreneur on!

I’m name dropping today. Not only is it great exposure to make it on the blog network, but to be in the company of these two Michelles is humbling for me.

Who is Michelle Anton?

Michelle is the co-author of “Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 great ways to earn extra cash — in your spare time” Foreword by Dr. Laura (Yes, THAT Dr. Laura!)

Michelle Anton has been a noted producer and media expert for over a decade. She served as executive producer for The Dr. Laura Radio Show as well as a producer on prestigious television shows such as The A&E Biography Series, Leeza, Danny Bonaduce, Famous Families and as a freelance associate producer working on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Anton was nominated for the NAACP Image Award 2000 for the A&E Biography Series, profiling the life and career of Dorothy Dandridge. In addition, she has won the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc’s PRISM Award in 1999, and is a distinguished member of the Writers Guild of America.

She’s kind of a big deal. 🙂

Who is Michelle Price?

Michelle Price’s very first client went from unknown author to popular cultural hero in less than 18 months – mega-entrepreneur John Assaraf is now a featured teacher in the wildly popular movies The Secret and Pass It On, has a major 3 book deal with Simon & Schuster, and has just launched what he intends to become the number one small business coaching franchise.

Now, as CEO of the new media consulting firm, A Third Mind Interactive, Michelle Price has been a leader in new technologies for 10 years and has always had a keen sense for the next big thing.

I might add that this woman’s rolodex is a who’s who of online marketing stars. I’ve yet to stump her for a name she doesn’t have on her list!

What Generated Such Attention?

In a word: Authority. This site, the books, the consulting, the membership sites my company runs, they all benefit from my tactics on Authority Building.

I teach this stuff, you know. If you want a taste of this kind of success, simply check out Authority Site Center and learn how Authority Building is done on the web from not only me but a large staff of trainers who know my methods inside and out along with advanced members who have gone on to huge success with their Authority Sites.

Our members have been on countless radio shows, newspapers and made connections with the biggest movers and shakers in their markets for links, joint ventures, and exposure. All by putting what we teach in ASC into action.

One click starts you on a path of success with online marketing and Authority Building no matter what or who has failed you in the past.

Jack Humphrey

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