If Everything Has Been Said, What Was It You Missed?

People are fond of saying “everything has been said” or “everything has been written.”  It’s very tempting to draw this conclusion when massive amounts of data have been loaded to the web in the last 3 seconds you’ve been reading this. Much of it is a repeat of something that’s already been said, photographed, done, or otherwise recorded. The reason this works for some people is that they can always count on information overload and the fact that most of us can’t know everything at all times.  (Except for Steve Jobs or Robert Scoble)  🙂

Eventually something that was said/done that you missed before bubbles up on your screen for the first time ever.  Hey, it’s news to you even if hundreds or thousands of others already heard about it, right? Do you ever get the feeling, then, that you might have missed some of the important parts of getting attention online for your blog or business site?

I can guarantee you have!  

Having a 13 year history with web marketing, SEO, branding, and social media, I have a unique view of  things that have come and gone in internet marketing.  Things that worked for awhile.  Things that didn’t work at all.  And things that work today like they did 13 years ago. If at least most of the stuff in internet marketing is rehashed, then it’s time to admit that you’ve missed something along the way that will work for you to become a much higher-profile site owner.

I know exactly what those things are.

While you were distracted countless times by silly schemes that you didn’t know were silly until you gained hindsight on them, some very crucial bits of effective marketing slid past you.  You may have thought they weren’t important because they weren’t hyped enough or they sounded harder than the promised “push button solutions” you were falling for at the time. Now would be the time to take stock in the things you passed up – like guest posting – and figure out if now would be a good time to take advantage of serious, professional marketing tactics as if your life depended on them. For most of us full-timers, our lives DO depend on strategies that work.  I can’t go back into the work force.  I suck at being an employee and I make more than what I’d make working for others anyway.

What’s the ultimate litmus test for choosing who to follow online for marketing advice?

A)  A guy represented by a paid actor flying in a rented helicopter?

B)  Someone whose entire history on the web you can look up and see a clear, public track record of success?

If you chose B because it’s so painfully obvious which person you should trust, why is it that SOMEONE is out there buying a bunch of trash courses to the tune of millions of dollars per week on Clickbank and elsewhere? I mean, if I’m not doing it, and you’re not doing it, then who is? Then there are people who are so conservative with their choices that they choose nothing but free stuff.  They end up just as starved for targeted traffic and search rankings as the people who buy $20,000 of junk every year that gets them nowhere. The solution to all of this is to pay someone for training and intel that actually works.  

But who do you trust?  

Again, the choice can’t be made any easier than the people who can be verified in multiple ways and who have been around longer than a few years. If someone cannot prove their legitimacy beyond a couple of screenshots of “their” bank account or their fake pen name, click away.  I guarantee the answers you seek are not behind anonymous hucksters’ websites.  Anyone who hides who they are cannot be trusted with your hard-earned money.  It’s like playing the lottery but even worse; you have no chance of winning this lottery. As far as the traffic, branding, and authority building goes, you should seriously try Bending The Web.

It meets all the requirements:

  1. You know who you’re dealing with.
  2. I have a track record going back before 2000.
  3. My reputation speaks to the quality you can expect in my training.
  4. What I do must work because you can find me all over Google for over 15,000 keywords – which send me traffic daily – for my various sites, products, and services.
  5. I stake my reputation on the fact that I have in Bending The Web the things you skipped or missed that will actually get you the targeted buyer traffic you need for your online business to succeed.
That’s a helluva safe, secure decision you can make today!  And it doesn’t even cost much.  Not a fraction as much as you’ve spent trying to figure the internet marketing game out only to be here today, reading this, instead of being on vacation.
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