How To Turn YouTube Views Into Leads


Now that there are about a million different video creation products, like Video Maker FX, and Easy Sketch Pro, there’s no excuse not to have a rockin’ YouTube channel with lots of views coming in.

The next question everyone has once they’ve created a YouTube channel and loaded up some videos that are getting views is:

How do I turn YouTube views into leads?”

The common advice is to put a strong call to action in your video description leading to your lead capture method of choice, back on your site.

After that?  Well, there’s not a lot of readily available, actionable advice beyond that.

YouTube generates leads for OTHERS by allowing advertising on your videos (unless you rightly turn that feature OFF on your account).  And since it is a 3rd party service, there are a lot of limitations to what you can do with your YouTube videos to generate leads from your views.

youtube lead generation

So we must get creative. (YouTube Outro Funnel Creator)

Some people have figured out how to turn YouTube into a lead generating tool that turns your video viewers on YouTube to subscribers and buyers more reliably than a strong call to action in the description.

And this is where all time and money you spent to create the videos you’ve uploaded starts to pay for itself.

Quick Tips For Increasing Your Targeted Traffic From YouTube

Associated Website Annotationsassociated website annotations

Make sure you link your site to your YouTube channel.

This will make links in your video clickable and you can put your call to action inside the video itself.  Now you can do what advertising does in YouTube videos except YOU are the advertiser, promoting the click to your lead capture form/offer!

Creating Awesome INTERACTIVE YouTube Videos!

Watermark Your Video

Use a video editing tool to watermark you website URL into your video.

Finally, turn your YouTube videos into lead generating funnels with this tool.

Question:  How are YOU generating leads from YouTube videos?  Comment below!

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