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Fun With Rick Butts

Often people wonder what Rick Butts looked like with hair.

I’ve gone back and grabbed some pictures during our time together at various stages from the Beatnik era to Woodstock on, and I was surprised at how many “looks” Butts has had over the years.

Rick Today…

Rick in 1968 – The Summer of Love… and Hair!

Rick When He Was A Fire Lookout In Yosemite Park In 1977

Rick When He Was A Beatnik In The 50’s – His poetry jams lasted for weeks at a time and the women, well, let’s just say they are still wondering where the magic went…

As an aside – no one knows how Rick went from bald in the 50’s to the hippy he became in the 60’s, but he is collecting residuals from Ronco Spray On Hair products to this day.

Rick As Moses In Colorado Arts Festival Salute To The Man Who Parted The SeasĀ 

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