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Did Squidoo Get Google Slapped?

Seth Godin will tell you all about it in a great new interview done by Searchingdot.com.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about traffic levels dropping temporarily over at Squidoo along with my favorite topic of late, how marketers do their damndest to destroy the things they love by spamming the hell out of great resources like Squidoo.

Spam here meaning creating lenses for the sole benefit of links without providing anything substantive for real readers. As always, Squidoo got on everyone’s radar as a great linking and traffic source and the idiots who always go too far and try to game the system have gotten the attention of Google who has now imposed an alleged “slap” on Squidoo.

Is Squidoo still worth using?

Hell yes. For its original, intended purpose it has not slowed down one bit. But a lot of black hatters are calling it quits (thank god) with Squidoo because Google isn’t rewarding the idiots for putting up stupid, useless lenses with no content and a bunch of the hyped up junk we are all so tired of – and so are customers/readers!

I couldn’t be more certain of this: if you’ve got something great, this is the best time ever to be in marketing. And that includes using Squidoo to help people understand your message. -Seth Godin

I added the emphasis on “if you’ve got something great.”

A Note To My Least Favorite People In The World: Get The Hell Off MY Internet!

Please stop creating lenses on stupid MLM scams and other ridiculous money-making schemes. That’s not real business and you aren’t going to get rich peddling those snake oils despite the fact that YOU bought the hype. The market for people who believe they can turn on a money pump by signing up for a replicated page for the latest scam is tiny. And everyone on that list is already bought in under the guy who launched the pyramid, so you aren’t going to recruit another dummy. By the time you hear about the latest scam all the dummies area already in because they are ALL on the list of the guy who started it. So stop playing at business and start becoming one – or get the hell off my internet, preferably, and stop trying to destroy the resources like Squidoo that us real marketers use to sell something great!

Seth Speaks! Listen!

Pay attention in this important interview to how Seth talks about RSS, high quality lenses, and the positive things that are coming of this temporary decline, or correction, they have to go through in order to get rid of the spammers, junk merchants, and people who have no idea what Squidoo-like resources are really for.

Check out the full Seth Godin interview here.

And before you go an add to the problem, learn how to use Squidoo properly.  If you can’t spend $20 measly dollars on your business, then you are the exact person that needs to get the heck off my internet and go back to McDonald’s so you can make my son’s cheeseburgers for the rest of your life.

(If anyone was offended by this post, rest assured I was talking to you and the offense was 100% intentional.)

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