Field Report: Cabins of Birch Hollow


My little family unit was able to get away for Easter weekend.  It was also The Boy’s birthday weekend.  Directions University clients Dale and Kay, of Cabins of Birch Hollow, found us some space in one of their 10 cabins in a wild, awesome piece of Kentucky.

I was long overdue for some peace and quiet.  (And to rediscover what it’s like to have little to no cell service.  I believe that’s becoming a very rare thing these days.)


Cabins of Birch Hollow is surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and very close to Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge.  In short, beautiful country and geology.  And a very hot spot for rock climbers.

The Cabin

Our Cabin - The Mane Stay
Our Cabin – The Mane Stay

The Mane Stay is a horse-themed cabin with decks wrapping around half of the structure.  Very spacious, very clean and warm.  The cabin has all the stuff you need to have a great time including charcoal grill, hot tub, full kitchen, 2 baths and 2 bedrooms.  More than enough for a family of 3.  Actually enough to sleep 6 people.

On Saturday, my son’s birthday, we were greeted with a birthday cake and a brand new bunny, now lovingly named Bun Bun.  All arranged by the staff and owners.  They really made the trip special, and Sammy’s birthday one to remember.

Birch Hollow 2 056Birch Hollow 2 058


We took a tour of the area and there is much more to see and do than a family can conquer in a long weekend.  From rock climbing to hiking to zip lining, canoeing, and seeing sites like the Natural Bridge rock formation, it would be good to spend a full week to get into everything.



One might think they were in the mountain Southwest here!
One might think they were in the mountain Southwest here!
Devil's Overlook in Daniel Boone National Forest
Devil’s Overlook in Daniel Boone National Forest

Birch Hollow 2 075

160 Year Old Chimney in Birch Hollow
160 Year Old Chimney in Birch Hollow
Pond and Cabin at Birch Hollow
Pond and Cabin at Birch Hollow

Spring is just getting started in earnest this time of year.  It was nice to be able to see through the trees and really get a feel for the landscape without foliage blocking the view.  Most people surely only see the Hollow when it’s leafed out – and they miss a lot!


I recorded an orchestra of birds on two mornings in different places around the Hollow with my phone (the best use of a phone in such situations).  A sample of what could be heard from our deck at breakfast time, and near a stream talking with a Pileated Woodpecker, is below…



Are we going back?

Oh yeah!  Now that the area has been properly scouted, we’ll be going back to Birch Hollow and staying nowhere else but in this quiet, special place.  Special thanks to Dale and Kay, as well as Mary and Judy, for great service, accommodations, and very special touches that made this a trip to remember!

To make a reservation and “meet” the super kind folks running Cabins of Birch Hollow, check out the Cabins of Birch Hollow website.  There are tons of resources for planning a trip in a spectacular part of America that’s an absolute must-see.

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