Blog Commenting Becomes A Killer Strategy Once Again!

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Have you noticed how even some of the most popular blogs on the web are getting fewer and fewer “on site” comments?

You know, comments on the built-in commenting system, rather than Facebook comments and especially the “Like” button.  People clearly have more to do online these days than they used to and it is reflected in their preference to hit a like button, or any kind of button, rather than leave even short comments on your blog.

Now, if you’ve been around awhile you can remember when blog commenting was a mainstay in link building and direct traffic for your site.  We all went out every day and commented on a lot more blogs than we do today.

What dragged the ROI down for blog commenting is that once everyone found out about how great a tactic is was, everyone commented like crazy.  You’d end up #45 in a comment thread even on posts that were put up that day, for instance.

This resulted in much less direct traffic from commenting which, combined with so many sites using “no follow” so that you got less “juice” from Google, made blog commenting go out of favor as part of an ongoing marketing effort for most people.

Turns out most of the commentators at least the best ones, were our fellow bloggers after all!

Here’s where the pendulum sweeps back and makes blog commenting a VERY good tactic again…

I just commented on a blog post where the author has already gotten several “Like” and retweets of the post.  This means he has readers and will likely continue to get more and more directly on that post as it travels around the social sphere today and onward.

But guess what?  Not a single comment on the post was there when I posted mine.  Remember when it was so competitive that people would proudly announce “FIRST!” when they were lucky enough to get to a popular blog and comment first?

Being first was the strategy for getting the most direct traffic from your comment link.  Everyone reads the first few comments on any article they are interested in and want to know what others have to say about it.

Now I am finding I get “firsties” on many of the important blogs I follow.  And it has resulted in a traffic bump that was definitely worth the effort.

Here’s how you find posts worth commenting on:

Since almost everyone is using Facebook and Twitter buttons on their blogs nowadays, check the number of retweets and Likes the post has.  If it is a new post and it already has a dozen or so likes, you know the link to that post is travelling around Facebook and other people are clicking over to read the post.

It will be well worth your 3-5 minutes to comment on such a post because you know people are coming and reading it based on the fact that they are passing it around to their friends and followers.

You can get some prime real estate with a link back to your site on tons of blogs today that formerly were very difficult to reach in time to get one of the first comments.

Blog commenting is back!

Tip: Don’t worry whether a blog uses “no follow” or not.  That is not important.   Most of the places that are do-follow, meaning Google sees the link as a vote in your favor from the site linking to you (from your comment), aren’t worth commenting on because they don’t have any traffic to send you.  i.e no one is reading the blog in big enough numbers that you get any significant benefit from it.

Your main concern for blog commenting should always be direct traffic.  People clicking on your name in the comment box to see what you’re all about.  Whatever happens to affect your site positively in Google will work itself out on its own as you simply focus on going where your target market is surfing and leaving comments.

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