on July 27th, 2007 in Blog Marketing

Custom RSS Feed WordPress Plugin Released!

Create unlimited, custom rss feeds for your WordPress blog on demand!

Today we are letting a big mean cat out of the bag. It’s something no plugin does for WordPress bloggers and it is a taste of the powerful apps we have running behind our Authority Site Center publishing system.

And it’s Free!

It’s called Velocity Feeds and, until today, no one outside ASC has been granted use of it in any form.

What Velocity Feeds WordPress Plugin Does

  • Grab total control over your WordPress blog and pull out TAGGED, custom RSS feeds by keyword!
  • Gives you the ability to create “channels” your visitors can subscribe to (like just your podcasts or just a certain topic you write about without all the other things you write about mixed in!)
  • Gives you the ability to “reach out” to engines and show them your content in a denser keyword format.
  • Gives you more rss feeds to promote in the RSS directories.
  • More ways for engines to spider your content DEEPLY regardless of when it was posted – last week or last year – as long as it fits the keyword of the Pheed, the engines will find all your content on that channel subject (if you are just using your basic WordPress RSS feed, the engines are only grabbing your latest stuff you’ve posted when they spider that one, limited feed!)
  • Advertiser supported in free version, but extremely unobtrusive!
  • Create as many feeds as you like – if you have 5-10 posts on a keyword topic you can and should turn it into a Pheed.
  • All feeds are perfectly validated AND properly TAGGED so you don’t have to worry about your feeds not being indexed by the search engines!
  • All feeds are live the moment they are called, no waiting for cron updates.
  • Create a feed directory so your visitors to subscribe to recommended feeds.
  • Extremely easy install. Keep your personal FTP program closed – we upload and format this sucker for you with a custom installer!

Create Multiple, tagged, validated, keyword targeted RSS feeds with Velocity Feeds

ASC Version of PheedPress: The version our members get is meatier, meaner, more hard core. But the free and paid versions above will give you far more marketing power than you have right now and there isn’t another competitor on the market. It is the only plugin of its kind on the web!

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