Web Genius Handbook Sneak Peek…

Derek Franklin of Search Automator fame is back on the scene with something I am quite surprised no one had thought of until now.

He is releasing his brand new Web Genius Handbook this week on the 12th.  I have been granted a peek at some of the contents and the ability to give you a copy before the whole guide goes on sale on Wednesday.

This isn’t some internet marketing how-to guide or anything you might have assumed it would be.  It is actually a really killer guide on using the web and all the secret things that no one knows about.  There were a couple things even I didn’t know about in this sample I am giving you today.

If the entire guide is anything like the sample tips, you stand to greatly improve your efficiency online along with your ability to astound yourself with time savings and more accurate research.

Web Genius Handbook Download.

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