June 20



Hey all. Just dropping by to report my where abouts so no one freaks out and I don’t go too long without posting.

It is also required by my probation officer, and the CIA likes to keep track of me as well.

Wish I had some pictures. Staying at the Mirage, home of “Love” – the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show. I’ve certainly seen some weird things here. Beautiful people are everywhere. And they’re all wearing retro 70’s clothes as if someone circulated a memo (that I didn’t get, damned spam filters!) that there was a dress code to match the Beatles theme which completely permeates this massive hotel.

Brandon is downstairs either losing his ass or up again. By now I think he’s had enough complimentary beer to pickle a mastadon. Hey, he deserves it for all the programming he’s done lately.

Talked to Mike Filsaime, Carl Galletti, Dr. Mike and Frank Sousa today. As if there weren’t enough things to compete with in Vegas already, the Mirage now has an adult section of pool called “Bare.” Carl is some kind of miracle worker for having any men in his conference at all.

We’ll be getting back on Monday, my birthday, and getting back to work. Have to get Video Utility Poster released and prepare for the onslaught of orders. The excitement over this one is surprising considering I only made a post about it. Now that I am about to be an “elder” people seem to be listening to me a little more. 🙂 (I’ll be 40 in case you were wondering)

Thinking about some more social marketing and organization software apps now. Some neat things in the pipeline I think the blog heads are going to like a lot.

Soon as Brandon gets back from Betty Ford Center I’ll have him working on finishing those up. He does his best work after rehab.

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