Understanding BlugRush

Man, when something is hot, people get stupid!  The Black Eyed Peas song “Lets Get Retarded” is playing in my head right now, I suppose, because of the completely insane critiques I have been reading about BlogRush.

BlogRush has got the critics going mad with pyramid scheme and MLM comparisons.  And they all are showing how little they know about either.

John has a good explanation of how BlogRush credits are earned on his latest entry at the Income.com blog.  (If you are somehow just hearing about BlogRush, watch this video for explanation.)

What I have are screen captures of my BlogRush stats to show how simple the thing is and that there is no cause for alarmist statements about the system not being stable.  The only thing that needs correcting right now is spam protection.

Scammers In The Hen House

There are people, and John admits this, trying to game the system and John’s guys are putting controls in to prevent this in the future.   The other issues claiming the system itself is flawed and can never work are baseless and come from a “math ignorant” crowd trying to make their bones as contrarians.

Once the gamers are out of the system, we should see an increase in click thrus across the board.

That’s the only other thing I’d be critical of if I didn’t know they were working on the problem.   You get a LOT of impressions per click, or rather, not many clicks per impression right now because the scammers are taking up tons of impression credits on fake blogs, fake impressions, etc.

If this were to keep up, I’d be moving that widget down the page for sure!  It’s just not enough traffic to justify where I have the thing placed on the blog.  But the network needs to get stable, the spam protection installed, and only then will we know if BlogRush will maintain and grow as a network, which I believe it will.

As you can see, the credits add up fast as you refer people to the network and they install their widget on their blogs.  Don’t worry, there are about a million bloggers left to sign up (at least) for BlugRush.

No matter what, it is the most significant traffic widget launched for bloggers since blogs came out, hands down.  People like to compare BlogRush to other traffic widgets that were out before.  Believe me, I’ve tried them all and they didn’t have the two things BlogRush has:  1.  A referral and credits system, and 2. the marketing behind them to get them enough attention to make them worth installing on your blog.

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