by John Reese

The circle closes. BlogRush user data manifests at for a quick, easy look at the days events according to the BlogRush member network.

Bloggers have a new place to rank on the web with, the latest addition to the John Reese marketing arsenal. If you are a BlogRush member (free to join blog widget traffic network), you are automatically placed in the TrafficJam aggregator according to the popularity or “hotness” of your latest posts withing the network.

If your post is getting more clicks than others in your category or even overall in the network, you show up at the top of the results for any given day.

I know this because I just checked my stats and noticed some traffic coming from I go and check and see that I am number 2 on the main page for one of my latest posts.

This is the first time I’ve shown up on the front page since this relatively new directory started, and I think I know why. If you are a BlogRush member you are coached to be creative with your blog titles. The better titles get clicked more on the network, sending you more traffic.

I guess my post about making almost $42,000 in 24 Hours (even though it was about Qassia Dollars) caught a lot of attention on the BlogRush widgets around the web in my category!

That was nice proof for me that John Reese has figured out how to tie BlogRush and TrafficJam tightly together, with TrafficJam reflecting accurately what’s being clicked on the most in the BlogRush network.

I can tell you that it sends a decent amount of traffic to be on the first page of the network. Especially for the amount of effort I put into it: a blog post I’d have written regardless of the chance to get picked up on the TrafficJam network.

How to Show Up In The TrafficJam Blog Aggregator

Just join BlugRush and follow the instructions. Once you are in BlogRush you will be eligible to rank on TrafficJam.

If you are already a BlogRush user and haven’t had a post hit the front page at TrafficJam, make sure you spend the time to think about how your next blog post title is going to look in the widget. Make it appealing, outrageous, interesting, or something that will catch eyes.

That’s what you’re supposed to be doing with your titles anyway. Writing a good title for the BlogRush widget is the same as writing a good title to draw your readers in from all over the web.

Oh, and put on your list of places to check out daily to see what stuff IS rising to the top so you can tailor your posts and headlines accordingly.

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