July 11

Top Sites Lists Valuable Advertising or Waste of Time?


There is a new buzz going around about Top Sites lists. 

A new kind of top sites list is out now and people are snatching up “tags” or keywords on them as fast as people bought up Pixel Ads in 2005.

Is this another waste of time or a real benefit for advertisers?

The answer depends on each individual site.

If you are sure that the owner is going to get traffic to the page, a lifetime ad (or two years, whatever the pitch is) would definitely be worth it.

If you see language at the top geared ONLY toward advertisers and not toward regular surfers, probably not.

A lot of people are selling these links like the Pixel Ads with no intention of investing money and resources in advertising the page to real surfers.

The only people that hit those pages are the advertisers themselves.  A total loss for the advertiser.

The good buys will be with high traffic sites that are reputable and trust worthy.  You must be sure that the page will have search engine rankings and a lot of visitors looking for information on various topics.

If not, don’t bother with it.

One reputable site, if I may say so myself, is ours at Content Desk.  It is called the Content Desk Top 500 Content Site tag cloud. 

It will get a lot of traffic from the network of Content Desk sites and the thousands of visitors we have each day from our article directory.

Just be careful not to go crazy with a bunch of Top Sites without reading between the lines and before you know who yo uare dealing with.

The majority of them are never going to return your investment in targeted traffic and rankings.  Go with people you can trust!


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