September 13

Putting audio on your site improves monetization…


Think about it:

You have this audio feed on your site and ads and links all around it.  Nothing a person can do but sit an listen to the [tag]audio[/tag].

Nothing, other than look around your page while they are listening!

The difference between audio and video in this case?

  • [tag]Video[/tag] engages the reader’s EYES as well as her ears.
  • Audio, on the other hand, simply engages the ears; leaves the eyes looking for something THEY can do.

So try this:

Put a training mp3 or maybe something funny (certainly something engaging and of intense interest to your visitors) on a page of your site and surround it with relevant equally engaging links and ads.

Watch what happens.  Your visitor stay will increase as they sit and listen to more audio on your site and they have nothing to do but look at all the “shiny things” you have to offer them while they listen.

Anyone in their right mind would leap at the chance to put their best offers in front of a captive audience to ponder for as long as possible.

With the right message, a highly engaging audio, and the right offers all around the audio buttons, you will begin to see drastic improvement over your regular click throughs on the rest of your site.

It works because it is simple!

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