Monetizing Your Blog

Seth Godin tackles the tough questions of how to promote your stuff and make money with a blog without seeming like an endless commercial.

“When I launch a new book, it gives me a headache to mention the launch/sales of the book more than twice, unless I’m riffing on an idea. I feel like I’m imposing.” Godin remarks in this post.

The refreshing thing, accompanied with a twinge of frustration for not having the answer ready and neatly packaged, is that Godin is asking the same questions we all ask at some point, or should be asking.

“How much is too much?”  “How little is too little?”  “Can you stay fresh and cutting edge if you are repeating promotions over and over in order to hit the market properly with more than a couple followups?”

Part of me loves that even Godin doesn’t know all the answers.  Part of me is mad at him for not giving us a formula that will work on any site, any topic, all the time.  Why is that unreasonable to expect?

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