Monday Power Linking: Boost Productivity, Get Traffic, Copy Successful Blogging Strategies

Other than the first link, the following links are designed to help you crank your blog to new levels of success.

I didn’t notice the theme until I was done posting the links below, so now I will take credit for it as though I set out to help you boost your productivity, blog better, and design better content all along.

  • 15 Minute Website SEO Checkup – A pretty useful check list of keyword usage based on positive or negative points depending on effectiveness.
  • has a great article entitled “Top 5 Rules for Making Your Blog A Success.” I think everyone keeps pushing these points because they are the core functions of authority and obvious expertise in blogs and because most people are still trying to skip some or all of them looking for an easier way. Until marketers adopt these principles, look for more and more reminders, like this one, of what it takes to become relevant in your niche with a blog platform.
  • Darren Rowse at has a great post entitled “9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People.” Creativity is not just for people who consider themselves writers only. Creativity is a key ingredient to business success whether it is content development strategy or implementing new ideas and tactics in your marketing. Everyone needs creativity.
  • Liz Strauss has an excellent post called “25 Ways to be Jazzed about Productivity.” Everyone involved in building an authority presence on the web knows that productivity is crucial and organization is the key to success. The hard part is keeping your productivity up and staying organized and efficient ongoing. This guide will help you set yourself back on track and boost your productivity to new heights.
  • John Chow has an insightful post about “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers.” Not only am I carrying a theme for topics today, but I have managed to find posts with similar headline structures. You’d think I was doing this on purpose, but it’s totally random, really!
  • Mark White at Better Business Blog gave me the ammunition to point to a great list today with “52 of the Best Ways to Promote Your Blog and Your Business.”

I dare say if you read and implement what you learn just from today’s Power Linking, you are going to drastically improve your authority presence on the web!


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