Microsoft Buys Yahoo?

Updated February 1, 2008

The post below was made last year. Today Microsoft made its bid for Yahoo.

“Microsoft Corp. offered Friday Feb. 1, 2008 to buy search engine operator Yahoo Inc. for $44.6 billion in cash and stock in a move to boost its competitive edge in the online services market.” -Boston Globe

Now the prediction looks a lot less like heresy!

There is a massive amount of speculation going around that Microsoft is looking to buy Yahoo.

Anyone who is anybody in the blogosphere is talking about the implications of such a merger.

There are over 4 million search results in Yahoo today for the term “microsoft buys yahoo.” Google shows 1,100,000 sites with the term “microsoft buys yahoo.”

I’m talking about sites that are among the biggest and most high traffic news sites on the web today.

What would you expect if you blogged about the topic today?

Would you expect to even get in the top 100 results in either engine?

How about getting a #3 at Yahoo for the term “microsoft buys yahoo” just 24 hours after you posted about it?

I know you don’t think that’s possible, so I have to show you.

Brandon Hall, partner at Authority Site Center, did a post on the topic yesterday. He is now, 24 hours later, #3 in Yahoo for the term “microsoft buys yahoo.”

He is also showing up in top 10 blog results for the term at Google through and other places where he’s submitted the story.

Edited May 11: Well Brandon’s site dropped out, but look who is (at least right now) at #5 now since I posted this. ๐Ÿ™‚

How can something like this happen?

The only thing it could be is Brandon’s SEO strategy. The system he publishes on is not a simple WordPress blog with some fancy plugins.

What’s behind it is hardcore SEO technology that lands all of our sites in the top 10 for longtail and highly competitive terms on a regular basis.

We give the engines exactly what they want and leave everything out of the equation that gets people into trouble getting ranked, making them work 1000 times harder to get the rankings they want.

It’s still early for Google to show results, but I will wager that Brandon gets a killer ranking there as well by tomorrow.

If not, no biggie. He will have another post and another chance to get a top 10 in 24-48 hours on a hot topic in his niche and all he has to worry about is publishing good original content and spreading the word on social news sites.

His publishing system takes care of the SEO for him.

Rankings are guaranteed on our publishing system.

How would that feel if you were at the helm of such power? The power to literally “Post and Rank?”

Brandon’s latest success is one of about 300+ such success stories generated this week by our members. Everyone is seeing this kind of result on their system.

6300 Visitors in One Day To One Post!

One of our coaches got over 6300 visitors in one day to one of her recent posts. That’s not a typo.

She published, buzzed, and got 6300 targeted visitors to that post alone in one day.

When she started she knew nothing about blogging, WordPress, and certainly nothing about our added technology.

Yet here she is today posting and ranking. Generating tens of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity simply by choosing to publish on the web’s most perfect publishing system to date.

The site you are on now is on the ASC system, of course. I regularly rank for hyper competitive terms in the internet marketing industry in search results with hundreds of millions of competing pages and hundreds of thousands of searches each month.

Why anyone would choose to work hard putting together content and marketing it on any other kind of content management system is one of the great mysteries of 2007. I see it as a massive waste of time and resources to try and piece together what we are doing with a bunch of technical, hard-to-use systems with no training and no chance to replicate these kinds of results.

Yeah, I am biased, of course, but I am watching the stats. I am seeing the results hundreds of our members are getting.

If I am lying, all it would take is one person coming in, applying the technology themselves, failing to get results, and posting it everywhere that we are fakes.

You won’t find that anywhere on the web, in any forum (unless a competitor runs out tonight to start a thread).

We’ve been doing this for over 2 years. I want everyone to know, once and for all, how proud I am of the system our team has put together. As a daily user, I am amazed at what I can do in the engines. I am ASC’s #1 fan because of the kind of traffic and rankings I am pulling down.

I’ve been on the web and into SEO since 1998 and this last year on the ASC system has been my highest traffic year on the web beating every other year put together.

This is serious stuff folks. Very serious.

If I were you, I’d check out ASC before you spend another minute trying to get ranked on an inferior publishing system.


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