January 4

How To Drive Traffic, Branding, Credibility and Sales Through The Roof


(PRWEB) January 4, 2006 — It’s no secret that people are jumping on the Internet to find quality content. The Top Yahoo! and Google News Searches for 2005* alone show that surfers are interested in a variety of topics; Janet Jackson, Hurricane Katrina, tsunami, Xbox 360, Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, American Idol, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Harry Potter and more.

However, a constant dilemma for websites is to keep up with quality content control. How to get traffic to sites with credible information that will not only bring traffic but also revenue to keep the company – and site – in the black is a major concern.

“Content site publishers need good, quality content VERY badly, and now we are giving content creators the tools to give publishers exactly what they need,” said Jack Humphrey, managing partner in the exclusive Content Desk Charter Members publishing group and Content Propulsion Lab partner.

Humphrey’s toolbox for quality content includes a focus on four main tools, all encompassed in a membership site:

1. Community – A focus on community invites members to share ideas & industry news, network, give and get feedback, & help each other on a member forum, adding an interactive dimension. Too many other content programs focus only on tools.

2. Learning – Instruction via multiple methods; audio, video, text, workshops, webinars, etc. helps more people get the most out of content creation and syndication. Not everyone learns the same.

3. Technology – Instead of purchasing a software that will become outdated, why not join a group and subscribe to a “team” effort. Let the membership site worry about software updates, tech issues and keeping up with the latest search engine and other Internet changes while you focus on your production.

4. Profits – Lots of membership sites offering tools generally include a User or Help Guide. That’s it. Why not be part of a team effort instead? An ideal model is one where profit is the name of the game across the board & a main focus in training efforts; i.e. a great return on investment (ROI), where the membership site helps members profit with more links, traffic, search engine positioning and sales.

Humphrey’s Content Desk (CD) is an Internet content syndication center and a source of high-quality, targeted content for webmasters with a group of professional content site network publishers. His CD recently announced the opening of its new cousin site, Content Propulsion Lab (CPL), the epicenter for website owners, writers, creative people, PR specialists, and marketing experts who want easy tools and expert training all in one place to dominate today’s Internet’s “New Media.”

“New Media” marketing deals with high quality content creation methods along with mass syndication of that content in order to drive traffic, branding, credibility, and sales through the roof… in any niche” explained Humphrey. “Podcasting, massive article syndication networks, streaming audio and video, and RSS combine to create a marketing science that is just coming into play in a big way on the web.”

Unlike Content Desk’s exclusive Charter Member site that caps membership at 400, Content Propulsion Lab has no limit to the number of members accepted. During the official launch, new sign ups will receive $30 off their monthly membership fee. After the first 150 early bird spots are sold, the price goes up.

CPL Partners with Jack Humphrey include Mark Braunstein, Peter Lenkefi, and Willie Crawford.

To learn more about Content Desk and check on the availability of limited openings at their exclusive Content Site Builder, visit http://www.contentdesk.com/csb. To learn more about creating and syndicating your content, visit Content Propulsion Lab at http://www.contentpropulsionlab.com.
* “The Year in Search: A 2005 Review,” By Enid Burns, clickz.com (Dec. 2005).

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