Free Teleseminar This Wednesday With Some Powerful Marketers

How to get more traffic to your sites by becoming the recognized authority in your niche…

Edit:  The call was awesome and it’s available here for download.

Join me, Dave Lakhani, Elsom Eldridge and Howie Schwartz on this content-rich call to find out. I’ll be moderating the call and squeezing every strategy, tactic and technique out of our guest speakers.

I know for sure that…

Dave will be talking about easy methods for using the media for influence: how you can drive traffic to your site with effective public relations.

Elsom will be talking about positioning yourself as the obvious expert in your niche. Experts always get paid more and have more opportunities.

Howie will be talking about web 2.0 traffic strategies- specifically, how to be the top 100 of Google. Yes, you read that right- not IN the top 100 but, actually THE top 100. This means that the first 10 pages of Google will be all you!

And just for fun, call your SEO firm on the phone and ask how much they’d charge to get you in the top 100 listings for a keyword in Google. I know companies that would pay millions – yes millions – for the chance.

Don’t believe me? Look how much Coca Cola and other companies paid to be in Second Life. With a grand total of no significant traffic whatsoever, despite the Second Life devotees who don’t even seem to use the system themselves, companies are doing nutso things trying to increase their exposure and brands. (See this month’s Wired Magazine article on Second Life and the ridiculous advertising money big companies are throwing at…nobody at all.)

If Coca Cola wants to take over a deserted virtual reality world, what do you think they’d pay to OWN the top 100 spots in Google?

Find out more about all this on this free call…

Topic: Becoming an Authority
Date: Wednesday August 1, 2007
Time: 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific
Call-In Number: 712-429-0700
Pin Code: 312286

You’ll be eligible for some free bonuses just for showing up to the call. Lines are limited, call in 5-10 minutes early to secure your spot. There will be NO RECORDING available for this call until much later, so don’t miss it. Look forward to having you there!

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