Exclusive Teleconference You Don’t Want To Miss

Special Invitation To Peek At An Extremely Insider Linking Tactic NO ONE ELSE Has Seen Yet!

Exclusive:  Remember Blog and Ping?  Remember how MASSIVE that was and how many thousands of people drove huge numbers of visitors to their sites?

What if you could hear about something tomorrow that is set to blaze through the internet marketing community in the coming weeks?

Something so powerful that you can get PR5 and PR6 links in MINUTES (and as MANY AS YOU WANT) from high-traffic AUTHORITY sites!

Mark my Words – This new linking system is going to absolutely blow you away!

Remember, I wrote the book on linking tactics.  So for me to get excited about something to do with linking, it has to be incredible.

We are having a free call to go over it and give you the whole, exclusive scoop.

This call was originally only going to be for our Content Desk Charter Members and Content Propulsion Lab members, but we have a 150 person line and we are going to fill it up.

Join us for this live Audio Conference Call!

Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein and Peter Lenkefi are grilling Sean Wu, the originator of the brand new traffic method “Tag and Ping,” on:

Thursday 5/25/06 at 5PM EST.

Dial-In Number: 641-297-7200

Participant PIN: 312286

Make sure you call in 5-10 minutes early to secure your spot on the call.  Only 150 people will be hearing about Sean’s system before tens of THOUSANDS of people start talking about it everywhere you surf!

See you on the call!

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