BlogRush a 12 Pack Launch?

I feel for John Reese tonight. Nothing is more aggravating than planning something big and watching technology mock you in front of thousands of expectant bloggers.

After a few delays we are waiting now for a 2 a.m. launch. Not the most ideal launch time for any product according to launch experts like Jeff Walker, lol.

“THIS IS IT… I promise! (Or you will get to watch me on video lighting 10 high-end servers on fire.)” -John on the blog.

BlogRush is clearly in no hurry to be thrust into the limelight. Kind of like my son who fought to stay inside his mom to the last moment. It took two doctors to wrestle him out into the world.

I am out of Red Bull, beer, uppers, and adrenaline shots. I should have gotten a 12 pack instead of a 6 tonight.

Who knew this would be a 12 pack launch? Keep at it John and crew!

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