Blog Marketing Tips

It’s about time you showed up here. I’ve been waiting!

So you want to know about [tag]blog marketing[/tag]? Got a sudden urge for more links, better search engine results, and more traffic?

Here are a couple sure-fire tips to keep you up past bedtime tonight…

Say Important Stuff!

Blogging is all about being interesting, informative, maybe controversial, helpful, and concise.

If you are trying to blog in order to get more prospects clicking on ads, buying recommended products, or buying your own product or service, you simply must spend time creating content that satisfies.

Most marketers-turned-bloggers have a terrible obsession with bland content and in-your-face marketing tactics that simply do not work in the [tag]blogosphere[/tag].

To garner rabid readers you have to care about them. Sincerely. Not Fakely(Don’t run to your dictionary, I just invented that word.)
Give them good, topical, helpful things to read and let them decide if they want to click an ad or buy something in your sidebar.

People trust you faster if you don’t have your hand on their wallets the very second they land on your blog!

Link Baiting

If you were in my niche and you put up a helpful post about internet marketing tactics, blog promotion tips, or something on effective list building, I would likely want to link to your post to save myself some writing and to look good to my readers for providing a great resource.

As you can see in my other posts, I do this a lot. My readers want me to filter the mass of information out there and present them with tips and resources that matter to them so they don’t have to be up at 4 a.m. like I am now.

People link to my stuff and I link to them. Far from the old days where we hid links from our visitors, we now openly link to each other and take part in a larger discussion, knowing we will get traffic back for our efforts.

Good Link Bait

Lists rock. Do the work of researching a good list of sites, recommendations, posts on a certain topic, recipes, resources, or anything else that your readers will appreciate and there’s a chance other bloggers will link to your resource too.

Just so’s they can look like heros to their readers without having to work.

Here is a sample of one of my most successful link bait pages.

People love that list. People just love lists. Don’t you?

Kill Them With Content

Don’t over do it, but write often. Many of the top bloggers write 3-5+ times per day, and that’s ok.

You got something to say on a few topics today? Say it!

Just never let too much time go by where you don’t get something new on your site.

With blogging, especially on a system like I am using, every post is a new entry into the engines for new keywords and phrases.

And every post is possible [tag]link bait[/tag].

Those should keep you busy for awhile. I post these things all the time, so make sure you are subscribed to the Friday Traffic Report Ezine for reminders and special email-only articles and how-to’s. Subscribe above – big yellow box on right – can’t miss it!

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