Authority Sites And The Future Of Search

As you may know Content Desk maintains
one of the largest article directories on the web.
According to the Alexa rankings, we run the third
largest article directory on the web behind
GoArticles.Com and EzineArticles.Com.

Recently, our focus has shifted from building
content sites to building authority sites. Why?
Because Adsense article sites are dead. Search
Engine Optimization is being replaced by Visitor
Optimization and RSS is the new standard.
The new way of web publishing says you should
never build a static HTML website again.

We released a report for our valued members
and decided to share it with our authors as well.
We call it ‘The Authoritative Guide to Creating
Profitable Authority Sites’.

I would recommend printing out this report and
devouring it word-by-word. It contains a number
of strategies you haven’t heard anywhere else. We
dumped a ton of brain-power and experience into
this report and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

You can download it here:

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