Why Local Marketing Is Such A Big Deal

For the last year, local marketing has been a big buzz word.  You’ve probably heard a “little” about it by now.

People have called local marketing the last great frontier in internet marketing waiting to be tapped.  By all accounts, despite the hype it has been getting, local marketing is nowhere near tapped.  Not even close.

So what do people mean when they talk about local marketing?

It can mean different things to different people, but it generally means helping local businesses tap into the power of local search and social media.

How much experience does one have to have in order to get into the business?

If you know your way around basic SEO and basic social marketing, you can do pretty well helping local businesses with lead generation from search rankings and social traffic.

This isn’t necessarily because you are incredibly special.  It’s because local business owners don’t have time to understand what they need to do to tap into online lead generation in search and social, even though it is fairly easy to do.

They have their businesses to run, after all, and usually only go as far as hiring a high school student to manage their web page (brochure, usually).

So what do you need to know?

You need to be able to understand and implement a geo-targeted search campaign for local businesses.  This means you know where to go to get them listed in local directories and engines with incredibly low-competition keywords.  Rankings are very easy to get for keywords that have local traffic.

You should know how to use Facebook and Twitter for social marketing.  The same principles apply for social on a local level as they do for non geo-specific markets.  You should be able to get them set up with a professional presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube as the core of a social marketing campaign.

How do you learn such mystical things?

Anyone at Blog Success who’s been through the training is more than qualified to be a local marketing expert.  While members build their own blogs and social following for myriad different purposes from affiliate marketing to marketing their own products and services, they supplement their income by doing local marketing for local businesses.

While people say, rightly, that local marketing (or local consulting) is an untapped market, I would add also that it is massively under-appreciated  as an excellent main or 2nd income generator.

The barrier to entry is a little bit of training.  Far less than it takes to become a competitive general SEO or social marketing expert on the web, that’s for sure.

There are hundreds of thousands of small offline business owners out there who need help.  Talk to one of them about what you know and watch how much they appreciate your experience.  It changes how you feel about what you have to offer people and makes you realize that you probably have money laying in your “backyard” waiting to be picked up.

Get trained.  And then go get that new income!

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