Web Bending Tip #101: What do you want people to say about you behind your back?


What if people were saying things like this behind your back…

“Jack is the best at ______ and you should have him help you with your ________.”

“Daniel is the guy I recommend most for ____ and ____.  He really helped me a lot!”

“Trish is the best _____ coach in the business, in my opinion.  I’d work with her again in a heartbeat and you should too!”

Decide the kinds of things you’d like people saying about you to their peers or friends.  Write these things out.  Be specific.


Set out to GET those things said about you!  

Get people talking about you in the way you want your personal brand represented when you’re not in the room.

Create the body or work, yes.  But get the right people saying these things publicly about you in front of their audience.  That trains that audience to start talking about you in the same way, even if they haven’t bought from you or hired you.

“Well, if so-and-so says Jack’s great, that’s what I’m going to tell other people as well, because I trust their opinion implicitly.”

Think this can’t or doesn’t happen every day?  

Look more closely at the happenings and mentions in your part of the web among experts and authorities.  It’s been happening since before the Internet and from the day the internet was born.  

It’s so common, in fact, that me telling you about it is like telling a fish about water for the first time.  They aren’t aware of “water” like we  are.  It isn’t a substance or a separate thing from them.  They live in it and are completely unaware of it at the same time.

Go fish.

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