The job market, the economy, the price of gas, and your life


Nothing but uncertainty out there these days.

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Gas is up to a national average of $3.87 per gallon in the United States today.

The job market has been in such a state that the only thing people talk about is the unemployment rate.  There is a national “shame” in talking about being unhappy in a job that pays barely enough to get by.  We’re all supposed to be happy for people who have jobs at all.

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The economy is recovering (ironically) only for a tiny percentage of people least hurt by the recession in the first place. While the rest of us feel no change at all despite miniscule reductions in unemployment and vast profits being made at the top of the economic food chain.

It's the economy, stupid!
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Uncertainty is everywhere you look from the economy to Middle East instability to our ability to trust in the leaders elected to handle it all.

Everything starts to seem well beyond our personal control if we watch the news too long. One can begin to believe that we rely 100% on the actions of others and our governments.  A person can start to feel quite helpless in the face of these realities.

Except, are the realities above the total reality?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel in control of your life in at least one major area?  Such as your income and what you do for a living?

If you knew enough to find this page on the web, you also know there is another reality.  And that there is an alternative to feeling trapped and helpless.  (At least where your financial stability and growth are concerned.)  And you’ve been emailing, Skyping, and Facebook-ing on it the whole time!

  • Reading this blog means you’ve definitely heard stories and read web pages describing what people are doing for themselves online.
  • You’ve likely read about startup companies selling for millions, started by an average individual, from the ground up.
  • You’ve certainly heard about blogs started by full-time moms that are now making them more than their husbands who are still trapped in the other reality and uncertainty of 9-5.
  • Even if you haven’t seen much detail about how tens of thousands of people around the world are supporting themselves and their families with online businesses, you’ve heard stories in the news and read about them in papers and magazines.

So you know there’s at least a possibility of getting out from under the thumb of uncertainty and financial worries.  Unless you believe that opportunity only exists for people who are “smarter” than you or otherwise have some advantage that you don’t.  (And deep down you know that’s not true.)

You should know by now that the internet holds vast possibility.  So what are you doing about it?

Playing it safe and “dabbling” while working one or two jobs?   Waiting for a miracle response to just one of the hundreds of resumes you’ve sent out in the last 2-3 years?

When the going gets tough, survivors always find options where the average person won’t or can’t.

In the desert, a person with the eyes to see (and a little knowledge) can survive until they are rescued while everyone else will die of thirst within 30-100 yards of everything they need to survive.

Within your grasp, just because you are ON the web and for no other reason, is everything you need to not only survive, but thrive on your own terms.  Relying on no one else for your livelihood and the direction your life takes professionally or personally.

What kind of trigger do you need to finally take advantage of what you know has worked for thousands of others?

We have precious little time on this Earth to do something meaningful that we can be proud of.  If you are waiting for a trigger to set you on your way (and the giant triggers on the nightly news aren’t enough already!) you are procrastinating.

In the blink of an eye, another year will pass and the regret of having not gotten serious about setting up a business online will have 365 more days weighing down on it.

The days of the internet being a “ridiculous” answer to many peoples income problems are over.  In light of current economic turmoil, working for yourself online seems downright logical!

Knowing what you know now about the internet and how story after story after story has come out about countless people who have become financially independent on the web, how can you continue to sit on the sidelines?

It’s like someone complaining about how fat and out of shape they are when they have a treadmill converted to a clothes rack in their house.

Doing something to make money online – something legitimate, rewarding, and even fun – isn’t for “anyone but you.”  It’s very likely someone with an almost identical background to yours is doing something online to supplement their income or to make a full-time income.

In the face of the reality of  “real world” turmoil and uncertainty, taking no real action toward investigating and finding something to do online that works is a very bad thing to do.

In my next post I’ll discuss opportunities that are waiting for more people to pick them up and run with them.

You might be surprised how normal many of them seem to you.  If you think the only way to make money online is to take part in the cliches (spamming, porn, gambling, pyramid schemes) then you will want to see my next post for sure.  There are many professional, respectable, legitimate ways people are doing business online.

If any of this post hit home with you, I have just one last message for you today:

You Have More Ability To Control Your Destiny Than You Think!


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